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For my 40th birthday I surprised myself in the mountains with a little house I used to call a safe house by myself For me it was where I could really relax after working all week spinning I liked running here I liked being alone I could afford not to work for a few days I was hoping for a calmer era My BMW ate up the miles leaving the highway it took another 20 minutes to drive on the back roads When I got to a wooded area I saw a hitchhiker on the side of the road and they don't usually hitchhike so I slowed down She was a young gypsy woman and I could tell she wasn't a prostitute She was normally tied up dark skirt white blouse and misprinted black shoes holding two commercial bags
I stopped I asked him where he was going he said a village 15 kilometers away
- Get in the car I'll take you to the fork - - - I invited
- That's fine I'll be so much sooner- - he got in
As he closed the door I got a distinct Gypsy smell on my nose I took a good look at him I thought he was about 18 he was kind of a big-breasted kind of guy As she sat in her skirt her thick thighs looked up She told me she was at her sister's baptism but she came because she didn't want to be a part of the drunken brawl He didn't have enough money for the bus so the bastard driver dropped him off halfway Now he's here with no money and it's getting dark in the middle of the woods where no vehicle has been except me for an hour He said all that in a deep hoarse voice He spoke strangely he wasn't an I Q champion so I had to listen very carefully to understand him I slipped my hand on his thigh
"If you're smart I'll take you home and make some money"
- What am I supposed to do for the fucking money huh? - "he asked with a temper
"Yes among other things --" I answered calmly
He was surprised by the answerI could see he was thinking I got to the fork and stopped
 So have you decided to quit or go on the road? If you stay you have to earn your travel expenses Now I'm gonna take my dick out and you're gonna blow me off if you do it right I'm gonna give you two thousand forints maybe more and I'm gonna take you home
- yeah "I'm afraid of the dark I don't want to get out" he said shyly
I pulled the car over behind a thick bush and I pushed the seats back my pants down and I gently pulled his head over to my lap At first he was shy and took my hard-ass gun and licked the tip of my Acorn And then my erect penis grew more and more intense and his mouth sucked very well It was great when he licked my eggs Finally when he took his hand and swallowed my dick I couldn't take it anymore I held his head to my lap and I blew it into his mouth with elemental force He wanted to keep his head down I wouldn't let him he had to swallow it I got cleaned up and we were talking and I found out her name was Rozi
- My Dear Rozi has done very well so I'll give you 5000 forints and give you a ride home But if you want to make more money you can come with me to my place and make more than one of these over the weekend
I saw him strong thinking I knew that 5000 would be a serious fortune
- There's no one at home so I can stay and you'll see me as a good person
As soon as we got there I poured him a drink and went for a shower After the shower all I did was put on a bathrobe and send Rozi to take a bath
"I don't stink" he said angrily
"Yes it stinks let's go to the bathroom right now"
While he was taking a bath I made him a hot cocktail as he appeared in a white bathrobe looking pretty good I was in the chair and I asked her to take off her robe and dance naked
She was a very clumsy dancer but at least I got a good look at her She had strong muscular legs and a nice round butt Her breasts seemed firm and firm and in the middle of the Great Salt-brown nipple-yard her nipples glistened I called her I caressed her I touched her butt and her breasts she did not resist at all I went through his thick black bush with my fingers opening his dark brown pubic lips to open his moist vagina As I pushed one of my fingers into her vagina she groaned up I fingered her slowly but firmly Later we went into the bedroom and I looked for condoms in the nightstand drawer I found a lot of them and now I'm going with Long Love and I'm thinking marathon I didn't want to be gentle with him or even use him very selfishly even if I wanted to use him as a sex object It's all about sex no emotion I lay flat on my back and I put Rose in my steely weapon and we both moved slowly Her vagina was hot and tight so it's true what they say Gypsy pussy is a few degrees warmer Later I stopped moving let him set the pace I noticed you didn't move inexperienced well()


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