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The story didn't happen to me it happened to two of my friends so I only know the story "indirectly" from their narratives The story begins four years ago My friends were only 15 at the time One of them (Pisti) 's parents went away for two weeks for work The kid threw a house party the day after his parents left In which he invited only his cousin (Silvi) and friend (Bandi) and his own classmates and friends and their spouses My buddy set up that house party in like 24 hours There were all things that were eye-catching ie salty things (Krusty pretzels etc)) sweets (cakes chocolate etc) and soft drinks (Cola Fanta fibrous) and alcohol (beer home wine homemade pálinka whiskey cognac) The party was long because it lasted from 6: 00 to 5: 00 am The time was around midnight when most of the people present were very well "standing" One or two were more sober But that's when the Curse of the garden house came in because some of them had gone out into the yard It was too dark there so there was a very delicate situation Bandi who was just a guest at the party in the dark thought he was hugging prune and kissing her Meanwhile he unknowingly kissed the host Who on the other hand longed for a boy's embrace and kiss so much in return Of course as it can't be ruled out this is the scene that Silvi saw He went up to the two boys and basically humiliated them in anger by yelling " What's up you little faggot faggots?”
The party continued and by 5: 00 in the morning pretty much everyone who could go home Bandi was the only one left Pisti asked him to After they cleaned up after the party there was this thing that both of them had been trying to cover up So they started talking about their feelings for each other Pisti confessed that he had long liked Bandi but with regard to prune and the fear of rejection he did not dare approach her That kiss Bandi made in the yard with her in the belief that she was actually kissing plums because she wanted it so badly and that's why she didn't turn it down Then Bandi came out of the closet which means he told Pisti that he had a certain affection for her and he wished for it but he did not want to embarrass himself or her in front of Silvi and others
Then Pisti invited Bandit into his room and what happened there and then was indescribable to them As the stories were told it was still "enjoyable" and I hope the esteemed reader/writer companions will be able to experience and "enjoy" The Adventures of two half-drunk teenagers So even there and then in Pisti's room they took further steps towards each other Pisti started undressing Bandit and vice versa Pisti started licking and sucking on Bandi's nipples and caressing his stomach and chest after the mutual undress And then Bandi told Pisti I really wanted you Are you ready for more than that? Pisti responded by saying that I would do anything with you The one that Bandi reacted to by making you mine? Pisti answered yes That's when the naked pee turned around and threw himself on his bed and cried out " Come on then fuck me in the ass"
The point was then Bandi began to caress and kiss Pisti's back with this reassurance as his dick got closer and closer to pee-pee's asshole and began to enter cautiously As Bandi was careful but he kept pissing his dick off towards Pisti's anus the more he enjoyed finally being with a guy All of a sudden Bandi yells " Fuck are you still a virgin?"and pee in the middle of his moans and he said" Why? What were you thinking? You're the first person I've ever had feelings for and who I'm able to let go of because you know how not to hurt me”
In the middle of all this Of course Pisti started pulling Bandi's right hand over his penis and telling him to jerk off to me and you can feel how much I enjoy what you do and how you do it So it can also be said that while Bandi was already in his anus he came This orgasm spread to Bandi Bandi came into Pisti's asshole
The first time together was very good for both of you That's when they went to bed Side by side of course It was a very good feeling for both of them to wake up in the afternoon because they finally woke up with someone they had very affectionate feelings for
The party basically went on to 2: 00 in the afternoon They drank the rest of the booze ate the rest of the salt and sweets They watched movies and enjoyed each other's closeness On the second day after the party ie Sunday morning Pisti appeared in Szilvi who again found their son in an inexplicable situation()


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