Umemaro 3D Vol 12 Tadaima Osouji Chuu Work in

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The apartment was clean All we had to do was push dinner into the oven Everything was in place but just for the time being Dora and Peter sat down on the couch to blow a little
The members of the poker club met on the first Saturday of each month The three couples were in a whirlwind to host the meeting The bell rang and Peter opened the door for Sara and Mitch A few minutes later Wanda and Phil arrived and started preparing the poker table It was that hot afternoon when you wanted to wait for a storm but it's not coming Wanda made a comment about the humid heat
- Don't complain Peter and I were running around cleaning so much we sweated all over and had to take a second shower I want to play in a bikini - Dora said
 Maybe we could play strip poker - Phil suggested it
- We tried it last year It was pathetic - Sara objected
- Pathetic? You saw my thing And you call it pathetic? - said Phil with an act of indignation
- Let's just remember my boobs But Sara's right Strip poker is for teenagers It's boring when you know what's between the legs of the opposite sex Let's stick to regular poker - Dora said
- Yes
- Or - Wanda hesitated a little and then continued:
 Or we could play friendly rape poker
- What's that? - they asked me almost unanimously stunned
- Wellit was just an idea
- How should I play? - asked Peter
- Do you have chess pieces?
Dora left and returned with a chess set
- Is that good? - he asked
- It's perfect - said Wanda
He took a black and white dummy and lifted them for dramatic effect
- The chips stay of course but only $ 75 to speed things up Next to them you'll get a black and white puppet And the clothes of course We're playing the usual way but if someone runs out of chips they have to put on their clothes which are another $ 25 Unlike the strip poker you have to take off your clothes before you bet Andand don't throw in your own clothes throw in your partner's
- What? So if Peter plays badly I have to strip? - Dora protested
- That's not gonna happen "Peter said knowing he was the best player in the class
- All right - okay Go On Wanda
- Puppets are special The white doll is your partner's virtue It's worth $ 25
- We're pretty cheap - interrupted by Mitch
Wanda went on:
- It's worth $ 25 You win the hand you get it back But if not the winner decides He can use your partner any way he wants Dora do you have a vibrator?
Dora blushed and everyone laughed There was no point in denying it so he went to his bedroom and got the device out
 Well obviously the boys and I would have a hard time but if one of the girls wins you might as well do what you don't know anatomically - said Wanda
- Wait a minute If I win against one of these girls can I fuck Mitch or Phil in the ass? I don't really want to put my baby in such impure places - Peter objected
- Not necessarily You can ask for a blow job But if Dora loses be prepared for one of us to take possession of your ass
- That's okay I don't care about my ass as long as I don't have to get my baby dirty
Mitch and Phil looked at each other They didn't say anything but they both thought Peter had strange priorities
- That was the White dummy When you put on your partner's dress and virtue you can still play the black puppet but you don't have to But if you're faking it you're playing with your own dignity It's worth $ 25 as much as your partner's virtue If you win the hand nothing happens If you lose the game ends You have to undress and let the other five spend an hour in bed with you doing what they want
- That's a tough poker version - said Peter
- I think so too
They were quiet for a while just looking at each other Finally Dora spoke:
- It's completely insane But I'm in
- Me too - said Sara and Mitch at the same time
Wanda looked at Peter and Phil and they both nodded
- Let the games begin
Men and women took turns sitting next to each other so that he could partner with everyone The first few hands were uneventful Everyone was more careful than usual and they just dropped their cards Few chips changed hands Then Dora got a better hand and decided it was time to act Soon Peter was his opponent and he hesitated a little Normally he would have raised but with these rules it wasn't necessarily a good idea to take chips from your husband He finally decided to raise and he won


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