training anal slave 2

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I was bitter preparing my things The few years I lived in this house made me happy until the last year and I was happier than a lot of other people when I was beginning to feel the drama coming
But now I saw no point in staying in the rooms that became alien
I walked through the ruins of my life and when I closed my eyes I could see him like he was everywhere at once I could see it anywhere
I saw her reaching out from the ladder in a short cloth cleaning the Windows her white panties shining from the front in the bright sunlight I saw him lying on the couch studying I saw him naked in his bath I saw him in his hot pants lying on the lawn chair and I saw him in my arms before making love during or after drizzled and happy from the experience
While I was in the house I always saw him in any of our work together eager to create excellence and I wanted to put an end to these visions I never wanted to see him behind my closed eyelashes again
With a heavy heart but somehow I continued to pack awaiting liberation
The kitchen was empty some of the sheets were gone the records were not complete The most confusing sight was the bookshelf where there was complete unorganized chaos in the rows of books that were left behind From the back of one of the shelves I came across the thick multi-bound book handwritten book My diary
I stopped writing her when we moved into this house we bought together and I haven't held her since
Now I've been going through the pages as a stranger and I've been re-reading the familiar lines the history of my life and the years we've lived together
* * *
- 1 -
I didn't even close the door behind me I just opened it when Joli my cousin who was standing by the open window waved her index finger over her mouth I wanted to ask him what was going on but before I could speak he shushed at me even more sternly and beckoned me to silence again Then he gave me a beckoning wave with his curved finger and I realized at last that he wished me to go quietly to the window; I slipped on tiptoes softly beside him
With his head and hands he waved towards the open window indicating that there was something to see I saw it through the opening next door More specifically not the house but the semi-covered porch of the house where the woman of the house and an unknown man had deep sex They listened to nothing but each other and the lust which had grown a little too much but which could take a long time
There was a big window in Joli's room and we ran behind it both of us Between the two large cherry trees in the neighbor's yard the distance was just as long as the trees had a clear view of the veranda If there was nothing to see we wouldn't have noticed this possibility but the never-before-seen sight that Joli had inadvertently explored has captured us both We held the windowsill in an almost motionless position and watched the opposite sexers
For us it was as if time had stopped but they were also among other space-time coordinates because otherwise they would have noticed our barely hidden silhouette in the window
They weren't completely naked it seemed like this meeting was just a rush The man had his trousers fluttered at his feet his underwear fluttered and the woman had her butt on the table assuming he rode the man The panties were on the floor she could have been trampled by her partner a couple of times since they started the act The brassiere was stretched out in the back stretched over his shoulders on the two straps along with the fiercely rolled-up blouse
It must have been more interesting for Joli than it was for me because the couple was positioned on the veranda table and I could see more or less the woman's back just the rhythmically wavering Under her arm I could sometimes see one of her breasts and of course I could look at her thighs between which she stood her hard-working partner but I could hardly see more of her than I could at times from a girl in a bolder bathing suit
But the man showed my cousin more than he had ever seen in a man in his life I would have bet on that From making love six or seven meters away from us the man's body was the most spectacular His tail was in and out of her and at this point he showed himself almost all the time to Joli's curious gaze His scrotum moved forward with every stroke and sometimes out and out Joli's eyes were fixed motionless on the rocking body of the man and parts of it One careless moment the male member slipped out of the vagina and for a brief moment it was visible in its full length before he pushed it back into her


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