Training A New White Slave

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The next morning he brought me my coffee and I asked him " did it work out?"
- Yeah - yeah - He said quietly
 And then I reached up her skirt to pet her but she was wearing panties I want you to take this off And don't ever wear panties when you're with me again
He left with this then came back five minutes later said the request was granted I reached up her skirt again and my hand went into the pussy hole which was wet
- Are you turned on? Nothing's happened yet
 I have to admit last night was pretty good I've never enjoyed so much in my life and so many times at the same time
- That's nice What kind of punishment is that? It's more like a reward - I was upset with myself But it was good for me
In the afternoon after everyone left again and locked the door I went back to my office and Zsuzsa started automatically
I didn't hesitate I caught him I put his skirt up on the negotiating table and I threw it in It was wet again We had a huge fuck and then before I left I got my dick out and I came on Zsuzsa Her blouse her skirt it's all cum
- Why did you do that?how am I going home?
- If you're such a bitch you should look like one I'm sure you'll figure it out
That's when something strange happened he grabbed my face pulled me to him and he took me He kissed me with such passion that no one else has ever kissed me
- I love it when you talk to me like a whore - he was breathing in my ear
So that's why he enjoys it because he likes to be patronized I've decided punishment or no punishment to give him what he wants because I like it very much
- You're my little whore You're a fucking good bitch I'll give you what you want
I rolled him back on the table and I crawled into his lap I kissed her I sucked her I licked her clean-shaven pussy and soon she was gone but I didn't stop but I started new with my finger one two and then I put all four of my fingers in her wet pussy And then seeing as I still had the opportunity I slowly pushed my thumb in so my whole fist was in it That must have hurt a little bit ' cause he snuffed me out but after my wrist was in he moaned I fucked my hand properly He came again and it was a pleasure to feel his tightly throbbing vagina on my wrist Then I pulled my hand out All that lechery made me wet and wet but so was her butt
I pulled up his legs and asked him to keep it that way which he did The Little Brown folds of his anus glistening with lustful wet gave a wonderful view I started licking it with my tongue but when I touched it it twitched I knew he'd never done it before I licked it deeper and deeper with a lot of saliva and I almost fucked it with my tongue()


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