The Gift – Visionaries director’s club by young MA

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I looked at the freshly made white bed in the middle of the room Your father who was only my husband a few hours ago was sitting on the edge and now he's wearing a shirt and he's been waiting for me in long – sleeved night trousers
I knew my duty My mother told me enough Lie on my back spread my legs and don't resist What happens between them I don't care my husband will know
Only now I knew Since my sister's wedding night When at the wedding after the bride Dance the bride and groom officially retired to the wedding The last room in the long farmhouse the clean room was theirs but I had already settled in the nearest rain for fatigue I pretended to sleep under the big duvet and watched Judit and her husband enter and lock the door During the wedding I heard from the groom's brother who drunk as a skunk told someone that it was worth looking behind the steward of this room There's a hole in the wall next to a loose brick through which you can see right into the bed What I saw there was pretty scary
That's what I was thinking right now I've never been a rebel against fate but I would have liked to have escaped My husband your father was the best man I could have chosen My parents introduced it to me and I didn't have a problem with it Especially when I looked at her black hair and glistening black eyes I caught a nasty look My heart is racing I blushed when he kissed my hand And when under the blooming cherry tree he grabbed my waist and forced me to kiss him I knew that I wanted to be that man's So I did not object when our parents intended to announce us in the church
Pushing a smile on my face slowly I went to the bed and sat down on the edge Looking at your father I lay slowly on my back and waited He smiled and he leaned over me She was on top of me I didn't pull over and resist but I couldn't hold back the scared question:
- What you're doing to me is gonna hurt a lot?
Your father looked at me kindly I looked into his honest clear eyes and waited for a comforting answer for my legs trembled on the spot
What I learned from my sister's marriage gave me plenty of reason When I pulled the weave aside I saw that the lamp was not extinguished in the room Judith was standing by the bed and her husband was pulling her clothes off one by one She tried to cover herself but her husband didn't stop until she was naked as a mother my coy sister And then he climbed up to the bed without taking off his boots My sister fell on her back and lay between her legs That was the first time I heard Judith quietly protest the treatment
- No please don't not like this…
But nothing could stop my drunken brother-in-law and he put a finger on the front of his trousers and then he moved his groin between my sister's legs Judit screamed He wanted to be free but the one above him was stronger holding him down He pushed me over and over again and then the man's seat began to move in stride Judith was screaming scratching The music of the wedding made it impossible for anyone else to hear it but I did My mouth was dry my heart was about to burst I couldn't understand what was happening Then all I saw was my brother-in-law pushing me down the middle of the bed and then falling on top of him She cried and asked him to let her go which he did turning sideways What I saw at that moment almost made me cry out There was such a thing between the feet of the young husband that if he pulled it out of my sister a doctor must be called to him…
I didn't want to hear any more so I folded the weave back and I crept under the duvet scared with a beating heart on a tight stomach Soon the satisfied snore of the well-fed man was heard but the key turned in the door of the room and it opened quietly
The young woman stumbled over him I couldn't pretend to sleep anymoreI sat up in bed
- Judith what happened?what's wrong?
My sister looked at me with tears in her eyes and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and all she said was:
- When you marry sister take my advice Drink as much as you can at your wedding If you get drunk enough you might not remember the wedding night the next day
It was pounding in my head and not being able to take my sister's advice Somehow my stomach couldn't handle the drink I was trying to get her out of my godfather's homemade schnapps when the male guests started singing " wedding bells"
"Young woman you can go to bed
Cut your leg into a V-shape
Let the four feet of her maid of Honor crack"
The first and last shot went down at this verse because after that I had to run out into the air I was afraid I'd turn back into my godmother's good chicken soup But every song was about my future wedding night from the moment I turned red like a turkey on the one hand and I got more and more curious about the guest army on the other hand()


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