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Brides usually go for everyone they're nice they're cute they're nice and they look so innocent in their white clothes In spite of this apparent innocence (or perhaps therefore) which of my fellow men would not have thought about what might be under the white skirt Well Erika was a white femur and a lace thong that she could see right through her dark brown pussy And I know this because on our wedding day as a good newlywed husband after the bride-to-be dance I walked him home to our nearby apartment to change And of course I made sure the bottom of her skirt didn't sweep down the stairs and I lifted her up a little bit in the back And then I really lifted her up to see her legs in white plastic and a bite of her butt
Erika had no objection to a brief wedding night (or rather a bridal quarter) although at first she imagined it undressed but I convinced her that it would be a shame to postpone this unrecorded opportunity Soon he was leaning against the wall raising his skirt with his hands high and I was kneeling before him in a tuxedo kissing the silky skin of the palm of his hand between the thighs and the panties And as I approached my mouth to the panty sheath Erika with a tiny spread of her thighs told me that I could if I wanted to move on to the undergarments I took the edge of the little thong and for a few moments I admired the pussy-bog above me and stretched out my tongue and plucked it from the dam all the way to the clitoris I could hear Erika moan and I could feel her knees falling To help her I pushed my hand under her ass and kept on licking her so that I could hold some of her weight through the hard hemisphere
Then the oral preparation came from the other side In front of me my young wife knelt in a big wide skirt and in her elbow-length gloves she was pulling the pants off my tuxedo pants Then he reached in and fished out my prancing dick for a while As I think about it I can almost feel the silk of the glove on my dick's skin He's never held it like this before and I have to admit he's very excited He gently pulled my dick and licked my Acorn()


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