Teasing my taxi driver during a day trip

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Klari sat at the plane wondering One click away from registration But that's probably the hardest part His stomach is cramping at the thought Finally you click OK A few minutes later there's his profile with a picture of his eyes only
How did you get here?- he's got it in his head even though he's determined he's only gonna leave a trail of it to live
She's been raised modest simple and almost prude all her life Her mom and dad never talked about sex her parents ' marriage went bad early and then her dad left when she was 10 After that her mother stopped seeing a man at least he didn't know
But you've heard enough of men being pigs and women being on their own
That is why it was surprising when almost immediately after graduation she fell in love with the first boy who was a colleague at the factory and married him after a relatively short period of time
Geza Well yeah Geza was handsome sweet and polite They didn't get more than a kiss until after the wedding It was then revealed that although Geza is more than adequate humanly he is a sexual failure No foreplay pop it two shots then go roll down turn to the wall sleep
At first he hoped but as the months went by his trust grew more and more lost and he began to think of an old but more pleasant experience which ended badly
Back in high school there was a field trip he clearly remembered They were camping in the Bakony with the class and the homeroom teacher One night he slept alone in his tent (his girlfriend was somewhere in the woods with a boy) when the Laci snuck in
He was a big-eared guy He was always smoking He smoked Sophianae all the time or rolled cigarettes The beer made Laci giddy and smelling of cigarettes sneak into the tent He when he saw it almost snapped but the boy kept his mouth shut You want to have some fun? - he asked Klári bar turned to death but he was drawn to it so he nodded The boy slowly took his hand from the girl's mouth and slowly stroked the legs of the girl in the shorts and the T-shirt Klari shivered Laci slowly pulled down her shirt and then Clary's and kissed her neck and then slowly down her breasts He laughed "Come on" murmured the boy " you'll wake the others" "But I am ticklish" cried Klári " this is all very strange
"Don't worry I saw pictures in one of my father's papers and that's what the boy was doing to her" said Laci and suddenly clári covered her nicotine mouth Even though the scent was unpleasant the feeling itself was exhilarating to her First real kiss of his life The boy's hot tongue slowly broke through his teeth At first he looked at the boy's closed eyes with terror and almost choked on the sudden situation and then slowly closed his eyes and answered the boy's tongue with his tongue They played it for a few minutes and then the boy played with his breasts again With the tip of his tongue he caressed the hardening nipples gently and began to suck them gently Klari felt the heat coming down and she sighed
Laci kept getting lower and lower She kissed Klari's soft belly and kissed him in the belly button He gently slipped his hand under the waist of the shorts and gently pushed it down in the dark Klari shuddered but unable to object as the boy's naked chest gently touched his Venus mound in the motion
He began to wonder what would happen if his tentmate came back but then suddenly he felt a heat between his legs and the next thing I knew an inexplicably pleasant feeling was pouring into his brain which practically made him scream but he taped his mouth shut with his hands Then he realized what had happened but the boy's tongue was already playing with his clitoris
Laci was inexperienced but not hopeless He instinctively knew what to do how to do it He thought it was weird And this taste is weird but it's kind of hot And as he gently sweeps his tongue around every corner of the tiny clitoris he feels his pants getting tighter He's never been with a girl like that before He knows alcohol works in it but he wanted to do that because he bet his buddies ten packs of cigarettes to "clean up" the clarinet tonight What she didn't know just like she didn't know was that five teenage boys stomped silently giggling a few feet away from the tent listening to the filtered voices
Fuck he'll do it - whisper to each other in a drowned voice grinning
Meanwhile in the tent Klári enters a very new and wonderful dimension The movement of Laci's tongue is causing stronger wave-like feelings from the bottom of her belly The boy slows down first then suddenly gets faster Klari already knows something fantastic is about to happen His brain slowly fades his body tightens his thighs quiver she's trying to tell you not to stopplease()


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