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The first rays of the sun glowed through the window as if they were smiling at the most beautiful moments of the last night and Sylen in order to protect his dreams pulled the blanket over his head He didn't want to get up not yet he wanted to dream again
- I'll see you tonight  Sylen sighed and hung up the phone leaned back on the bench looking at the leaves of the trees The rays of the summer sun glistened on the leaves trying to break their way There was a gentle summer breeze blowing and she stroked her beautiful face Sylen was barely 18 went to City High School The joys of summer break however did not escape him He met Alan less than a year ago They loved each other very much Alan was a young and charming businessman who lived not far from the Sylens The boy was just over 25 years old but he made a great deal on the stock market Only a few women could resist her mesmerizing deep blue eyes her seductive smile and her brown half-length hair Alan could have had a lot of women and he got a lot of women but he couldn't have anyone like Sylen behind him He adored her
She reached out got up took a deep breath of fresh air and went home
On the way he stopped to look at a window and contemplated the evening before him He spent a little longer in front of one of the windows when he saw Alan's car parked in the mirror He would have turned to her when a blonde long-haired well-groomed and very pretty young woman got out of the car Sylen didn't dare turn around He didn't want to meet Alan right now He just stood in front of the window and watched the events The blonde woman said something to him and then she headed to the house where they were standing Alan waved got in the car and drove away
Sylen got his act together and moved on He got home in less than ten minutes He dropped the key on the table and went into the bathroom to take a shower After that your afternoon was pretty boring The time was scarcely passing and Sylen's anticipation was made more difficult by the fact that he could not think of anything other than the events of the early afternoon
He left home around 6: 00 He closed the gate behind him looked up at the sky sighed and went to Alan After 20 minutes of light walking he stood in front of the man's House He rang the bell He had a key to the apartment but Sylen always rang the bell indicating that he had arrived It's some kind of tradition or superstition but Alan didn't mind After two short rings he entered the door It was dark The road from the hall to the living room was lit with candles and fresh rose petals lay everywhere The flames of the little candles provided a wonderful dim light and one of them fluttered at the end of the wick as if dancing the Vienna waltz The room was quiet melancholy music Sylen's heart was about to burst but it wasn't happiness it was fear 'So' he thought ' tonight will be the last night' So he took the trail
When he reached the living room he saw Alan standing in front of the window and he was probably watching him


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