Stranger Jerked and suck me in the train

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My wife Silvi and I were in our early 20s when we found each other and then we got married recently Silvi knew that I had been with many women before our marriage and I knew that she could not count on both hands how many men she had consumed before we met But it's all in the past We were married and we loved each other and we didn't talk about our past romances After a while we both felt bored
Silvi Pretty Woman with a beautiful body dominated by her big breasts Blonde brown mid-back straight hair provides a very nice frame for your shapely body He always shaves his pussy smooth and he expects me not to have "jungle" around my dick He's 5 ' 4 "and 5 '5" perfect for me but I'm sure other people like him
He's good in bed and he said I was good in bed But somehow we both felt there was something missing from our sex life Two years ago we found the thing we missed
On a nice Sunday afternoon in July we had nothing to do around the House We were just sitting around watching TV with a glass of red wine and I was with a bottle of beer We were both bored to death and drank more than we normally would
We started talking about going to the park near our house and seeing what was going on over there We always liked to go out and watch other people visit the woods for a quick fuck or other naughty games My wife and I still love peeping
Silvia had already packed a cooler with a couple of beers when we heard a car driving through our open garden gate and pulling into the driveway in front of our garage From the sound of the car I thought it was my best friend Arpi I wasn't wrong Arpi came over for a while to get away from his wife's mother-in-law who he always talked about as a real Harpy I asked my friend if he wanted to join us You didn't have to tell him twice
There were three of us on the road and we only had to walk a few hundred meters to reach the wooded area We were looking for a secluded clearing where no one could see us while we were looking at couples in their cars Silvi opened three beers and we started talking about how people fuck in cars
Arpin didn't seem to be embarrassed by what we're doing and I know deep down inside he has this perversion In fact maybe he likes it more than we think After a few beers I tried to get Silvia to take off her blouse "Not in front of Arpi I told him that Arpi had seen his boobs before we were married After the next beer I tried again I expected him to say no again but he stood up and took off his blouse What beautiful breasts As I looked at my friend I noticed he was embarrassed Fortunately it was a very short time He always admired Silvia for how beautiful she was and how smart she was (Degree of programmer-economist)
Silvi sat back on the blanket next to me and we began to kiss violently Soon without remorse I began to play with her breasts caress her gently pull her hardened nipples And he was stroking my dick squeezing it through my shorts which I was still wearing Neither of us was really bothered by the fact that Arpi was less than a foot away and I slowly slipped my hand to Silvio shorts and then palpating his clitoris I began to massage his sensitive part We almost forgot that my best friend is sitting next to us
After all that kissing caressing tits rubbing cock and pussy we were both so horny We didn't know how excited Arpi was about our little performance When we looked at him a long time ago he was sitting across from us at the other end of the blanket pulling his dick My wife and I looked at each other and without a word we began to rid ourselves of our useless garments When Arpi saw that we were naked she stopped jerking off and quickly took off her clothes
Silvi started sucking my dick First he licked it around my Acorn slowly sensuously and then he sucked it all in his mouth and licked it He spent time with his tongue around my foreskin which made me even tougher Arpi came closer to see what Silvia was doing I knew you wanted to see my wife's pussy suck my dick closer while I caressed and fingered her pussy In the meantime Árpi continued to beat his throbbing cock which had already been pumped to a great extent It should be noted that Arpi's entire pubic hair was shaved I knew it would upset my wife
Soon my dick was as hard as ever and Elmie was on all fours in front of me It didn't sound like a word but we all knew what was going to happen I got behind him and I started titillating his cunt with the tip of my dick()


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