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It was when I was 19 when I was preparing for a longer journey It was a warm summer and even though I never had a habit I didn't wear panties up my tiny jeans skirt
In the beginning I was travelling alone in the cab and accordingly I felt well stretching out in the seat unpacking the reading material and having a good time
One-third of the way I was joined by an elderly gentleman in a suit and a handsome young man They sat across from me When I got tired of reading I put the book down put my head back and watched the kid under my half-closed eyelids I liked the view the boyish hair the bushy eyebrows the strong shoulders all the things that aroused my interest I began to fantasize though not long after I regretted it for it was 12 hours to the destination where my friend was waiting I was uncomfortable and I couldn't get my mind off a bulging stone-hard male member that was stabbing my hungry pussy My stomach was cramping and I wanted satisfaction more than anything I clenched my thighs and I started the book again and I tried to focus on it
The next thing I knew from the book was that something hit my knee It was the guy's suitcase that was about to land I was alone with the elderly gentleman in a suit in spite of the Heat who sat across from me reading a business newspaper I had sat in one place long enough for my members to be sufficiently numb so suddenly I decided to put one foot on the seat and leaning on my knee read the book
After a while I noticed the gentleman above his newspaper staring at my crotch so without drawing attention as if by accident I slipped a little lower in the seat There was nothing to prevent him from having a full look at my bare-shaved fleshy labia I had this little devil in me and I enjoyed being able to irritate him which was affecting me and my pussy got wet and I got the urge again for a heavy tool
After a while I put my other foot on the seat closed my eyes gave myself time to look And then I jumped up and because my suitcase was over his head I stood in front of him and without taking off my luggage standing on tiptoes I started looking through my stuff My skirt was pulled up and my pussy was in line with her eyes I had chosen for a long time and balanced it according to the movement of the train always in such a way as to protrude my swollen vagina and then standing with a slightly spread foot I allowed him to look at my clitoris which peeked out of the Greyhounds
Looking down my performance was not ineffective and I couldn't wait to arrive when I could impale myself on my friend's hard-ass dick
The train was braking and I was slightly off balance and he out of reflex raised his arm grabbed me under my butt
I apologize I finally got the iPod I was looking for and I sat back in my seat fiddling with the earphone cord The gentleman suddenly jumped up and left the compartment After a while he returned and again took his place in front of me Looking at his pants he was still ready for action Looking out of the window I saw that we would soon reach the tunnel where we would travel in complete darkness for 20 minutes only with lights mounted on the wall of the tunnel and light on our compartment again and again as we passed them
I stood up and I walked towards the door to go to the cafeteria but I fell sideways because of a sudden bend and I managed to stay on my feet leaning on the seat The gentleman stood up holding my arm under my elbow asked me if I was all right and then with a sudden gesture he pressed his hand gently against my back against the seat by which I stood in front of the seat almost touching the seat with my head


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