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It must have been 13 years since I met Andika in the village I've been wanting to fuck Andika's ass for a long time because she hasn't let me Well finally
We talked a little bit and we talked about how I was interested in Visual C++ programming and since he was studying something similar in college at the time I asked him if he could get me a book on it
"I'll see what I can do" he replied
That's all we had left personally I thought I had an empty promise
It's been a month or two and I forgot about our conversation
One Saturday afternoon I was watching TV and I heard the doorbell ring
- Who the hell is this? - I grumbled -
I was in a bit of a slump anyway
I look out it's Andika
- Hey what's up? - I ask
 I found a c++ book at home and then I thought of you
"One moment I'll open the gate and then come in" I replied
You have to know that Andika has a really nice hot butt and her voice is affecting me so much it makes my dick hard
We fucked several times in the past ( it was literally fucking because it was just about sex feelings didn't matter ) but it was a few years ago
I walked him into the apartment
- Would you like something to drink?
"Thanks I just want a glass of water" he said
 Listen Why don't you come into my little room and I'll put my computer on and I'll see if I need to look at it
We went into the room I offered him a seat
 Do you mind if I sit here on the bed? - he asked
- Sure I'll get the water
"Here" I said
- Thanks that felt good
I sat down in front of the machine while we were talking and I was thinking Is this really just the book or do you want to have a little chat or do you have something naughty in mind? I'm telling you I was getting a little embarrassed
Anyway I put in a porn movie :)
Suddenly he gets up off the bed walks up to me and asks:
- What are you looking at?
- Uh-huh - I was shivering
'Oh that's why you got distracted' he laughed
Now I was sure I'd have a pleasant afternoon
He was standing right next to me and I almost caressed him on his feet up to his bottom
 How did you manage not to touch me all this time?
 Well I wasn't sure you'd take it well
 Actually that's why I camehe grabbed my dick through my pants
'That's why I sense that you were thinking the same thing' he smiled implying that my dick had been up for at least 20 minutes and noticed it through my sweatpants
- Would you like to see my butt? - he asked
You know very well that I love your ass and you know that what I like to see in porn is a big dick getting fucked up the ass of a beautiful woman
- Yes I did
He knelt on my bed with his back to me and then slowly pulled down his pants to his knees but left the thong on
- What do you think? - he was leaning forward on his two elbows so that his shapely ass would bulge as much as he could
 I felt it in a knot above my groin
My dick was so hard it almost hurt I couldn't sit on the chair anymore
I stepped behind him and started caressing him working out his butt on both sides
The sight was driving me crazy
I shot the beautiful ass through the thong
she's got a nice vagina and a little higher up next to the thin line and it's the area of her butt hole
I started kissing her ass and I was torturing myself how long I could not pull her panties aside and get my tongue on her pussy
Well I didn't last long
As I gently licked her panties I reached out with my left hand and slowly pulled her thong aside
- How's that? - he turned a little back
- Do you like it?
"Yes" I replied " and I licked her cunt immediately"
It was hot it was delicious it was very luscious
Sometimes I'd circle with the tip of my tongue lick it and sometimes I'd try to get my tongue in the hole as deep as I could
- I want you to lick my ass tooit's really hot when they do it for me and I know you like to do it too
So what could I do ( with pleasure ) I did what you asked me to do
He had a nice clean little ass and it was really hot to lick and I did the same thing with his pussy and I figured if it breaks I'm gonna fuck him hard hard in the ass today
 I think we should take the pants offit's just in the way - I told you after a while
She took off her pants and panties and I took off my tracksuit


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