So I'm in a 11hr flight, what do I do?Touch myself with strangers around☺

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We were lying next to each other tight together I was with my back to him with one hand on my head and the other hand on my arm I like the touch the smoothness of her skin the smell the sound of her breathing It was nice to just lie in his arms and feel safe I was half asleep when I felt her gentle hand which slowly gently glides under my shirt and caresses my side and my stomach Slowly gently very gently I think I even got goose bumps It can turn you on with one touch But it wasn't a touch a lot of touching a lot of constant touching
He started at my side moving towards my stomach Back to my side through my hip towards my thigh until his hand reached me He stopped there for a moment firmly squeezing me but not by chance hurting me and then headed back Slowly gently inch by inch from my thigh my side through my hip and then my stomach but it didn't stop He put his hand up in the direction of my neck I thought he was going to rub my breasts but he's not He pulled a finger between my breasts and then he grabbed my chest and neck with his whole hand He turned my head and gave me a little kiss on the back of my neck At this point I felt at my bottom that she was excited by my pampering
After the kiss he let go of my neck started pulling his palms down First he touched my chest and then what I wanted so badly he grabbed my chest One by one two by one I could feel the heat coming on my panties getting wet He was massaging my breasts and kissing my neck She held her hips as tight as she could He wanted you to feel how much he wanted you No less than I love him I was thinking that I would undress her immediately put her on her back and sit on her stiff manhood But no I had to stop myself I didn't want to rush into itI wanted to enjoy every moment of her pampering
I turned to him and started caressing him Her back her side her butt her thighs her hips her belly He returned the favor We were kissing and caressing I decided to let him take the initiative and do everything after he did it It wasn't easy but I waited for him to touch me first with my pussy I've been looking forward to this moment wishing for your touch He put his hand all over me and for a moment he didn't move I was so excited by the mere feel of it I could feel it throbbing Then I kissed him passionately to let him know how much I want his touch to excite me I slowly put my hand on his thigh and slowly pulled it up as I could touch him on my own terms When my hand came between his legs I put my hands on him as firmly as I could to grab his balls and stiffness I could feel it tense He groaned softly and I knew from these signs that he was as much waiting for my touch as I was for his
I've had the strength to control myself I knew he'd go on like this for a long time but I didn't want to wait any longer I wanted to feel it inside me


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