SM Big Cup Hunter 2


Marika woke up and she had to pee "The enema disappeared"He thought and slowly to keep Imre from waking up he cleaned up The dildo hasn't been in there in a long time leaving a slight void Imre slept half-back The wife turned on the light above the bed and went to the double toilet He sat down on the Cup with his back to the bed and started peeing It felt good to be relieved She was almost ready when her husband went to the bathroom He smiled sleepy at her
- What? Did you get it? "she asked and gently stroked the man's thigh"
"How beautiful you look sleepy and a little wrinkled" the man looked at her with love They did their job and then they went back to bed in their arms Marika climbed in first and lay on her back waiting for her husband Imre kneeled beside him and breathed a light kiss on her face
- You want it? - he asked And she didn't answershe just put her husband's hand on her pussy Imre's finger slipped into the opening vagina of the woman With his other hand he was looking for the remote control of the analufi and when he found it he gradually turned it on Marika's back was arched with pleasure and Imre's finger slipped deeper
'Still' said the woman and Imre began to finger him His hands were slow By pressing his hand on the labia he irritated almost the entire sensitive source of pleasure Marika was moaning with pleasure His eyes were closed his face had a happy smile His hand went up the man's thigh and then it got caught in the stiff penis He pointed it at her and began to irritate her gently Imre didn't want to come yet but he liked the game He thought of one and he kneeled over her head So his phallus hung to his mouth Marika grabbed him again and swallowed him Imre groaned and continued to finger the woman licking her clitoris Marika's breath was taken His mouth stopped and his whole body started shaking The man was speeding up the pace Marika had a blast When he could breathe again he began to move again on the pleasure rod in his mouth He could taste the pre-secretion from his orgasm She was excited that her husband was so dazzled by the way he got on it made him drop Imre moaned louder and louder
- Oh dear don't stop "he said and then he trembled and Marika's mouth filled with familiar taste and her soul filled with happy love" He lay beside Imre and held out his hand The wife grabbed him and let his sweetheart drag him to his chest She was happy to nest in his arms and then slowly fell asleep The last thing he remembered was how gently the vibrator vibrated inside him and then he was caught up in the dream
Imre's arm fell asleep but he didn't want to wake Marika Slowly gently reaching for the pillow next to it gently lifting her head with her free arm and sliding the pillow under it The woman groaned and then she turned and pressed her butt against the man's hip Imre stroked over the round little tush enjoying her warmth He didn't know what time it was but he knew it was morning He reached up on the shelf and took out the remote control and turned on the TV and put it in silent mode You were rightit was nine o'clock He got up quietly and splashed in the pool He took a long swim and then he started looking at the rest of the tools but then he realized that it didn't spoil the joy of exploring together So he came out of the pool and cleaned up and then he looked after breakfast The dumbwaiter had plenty of scrambled eggs toast and coffee Well and schnapps Imre laughed
"It seems that everywhere in the world they think that he starts the day with the Hungarian brandy" he said aloud and poured a drink He'd pick up a plate of scrambled eggs and some toast and he'd pour coffee and then he'd go to bed with the big tray
"Dear Mary" he kissed her on the cheek and she turned "Pálinka" he drew the glass in front of her and her nose turned but her eyes opened immediately He took the glass they had a toast and they put down the good smoke
"It's good" said the woman " what time is it?"
- Nine come on let's eatwe've got a lot of work to do
- What things? - She looked naughty and took a big sip of her coffee
"We must discover this little world" said Imre Then he took his breath away Marika's full breasts popped out from under the covers
- You're evil Evil woman You won't let me eat he laughed and she threw the other breast out in revenge
Then they ate laughing They shared a delicious snack with each other and then they put the dirty dishes out and then they ran into the pool The next job was full of surprises Two cans two bedpans the beginning of which ended in a kind of funnel and a lot of hot water and a blender


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