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He was on the road two weeks ago In the first few days he called home reassured his parents that he was fine and he was on his way As a child he decided to hitchhike around the country Now at the age of 18 after graduating from high school he decided to pursue that dream
If he could only sleep under nomadic conditions to make as little money as possible to make the journey and to find some cheap accommodation every few days when he could smell his own He was in the quarters washing his underwear and sleeping well He was planning to hang out in the cab of a prehistoric truck as soon as he got into town find a hostel or tourist accommodation
Upstairs in 203 it is a ten-bed there should be a bed available " muttered the doorman of the age of Methuselah after sweeping the accommodation fee into the drawer A group of high school students took out the whole house but there must be one place left to look for it looking up at the boy from the bottom of the stairs A small group of young people were walking down the stairs laughing loudly that the Pedas had gone to the pub with the bus driver and that they might not be back until dawn
The boy found Door 203 opened and recoiled In the room girls have a group of slips / panties from full dress up to all kinds of conditions clothes scattered open bags - backpacks The boy closed the door graduated to the old man
- I'm sorry what room did you say?
The old gentleman looked at him with glassy eyes for a few moments and an intelligence moved into his eyes and bent over his book "203" he said " there must be a place there"
On the way up he remembered what would happen if they started screaming before he could explain the situation She was lucky to have a fully dressed girl combing her hair right by the door With difficulty he stammered that the doorman had sent him here and now he doesn't know where he's going to sleep By the time he got that out he realized that no one was screaming and that nobody really cared about him - Hey everybody The doorman sent someone to tell me there's another bed available which one is it?
The boy went down because everyone looked at him for a moment and then there was a voice in the middle back there with the stuff on it Everyone went back to their half-done activities and no more attention was paid to the case or the kid The comb man said " they'll clean it off when they come out of the bathroom" The boy gazing at the far corner with his flaming ears was astonished to find that the patterned and white panties in his path were standing aside so that he could go on that they would not even stop talking He sat down on the free corner of the bed holding his backpack in his lap and began to steal a look He surveyed that in the corner farthest from the front door a half-open glazed door covered a short corridor with two toilets at the end of the corridor judging by the sounds of the shower The toilet would have been very current but he didn't dare move
From behind the glass door he stepped out with a towel wrapped around a girl's waist shampoo soap toothbrush and all that The boy stared with his mouth open at the beautiful firm breasts and began to wonder where to escape from this unknown situation Did he take his breath away when she stepped on him-Are you going to sleep here? - he asked nicely
The boy could only nod
- Can you hold this? I'll just take my stuff
He poured his toiletries into the automatically extended hands and started pulling the zippers from one of the bags
- Where are you? - he asked and he pulled a little thong out of a Neylon bag
The boy was bewitched and staring She didn't even notice the boy's confusion she kept talking - we're going to be in fourth grade and this is the last time we go on a class trip
- You run off alone?
Meanwhile he swerved off his towel and put on his thong and slowly put on his thong In the boy seeing the Triangle of the groin the round shape of the butt he realized that he saw a naked beautiful girl He was bleeding in his ears gasping for air The girl waiting for no answer took her clothes towels and moved two beds over in a thong The boy's astonishment his astonishment and his enthusiasm became boundless After the sight the situation was a complete stranger to him his eyes drank the unknown their movements their forms their very existence
- Can you hand me my bag? - He turned with alarm towards the voice and almost screamed
Facing him there was a 300-pound demon with huge breasts hair dripping from water dressed in a necklace
- I forgot my toothbrush - he was explaining After the boy moved slowly he leaned over the bed with rubensi's figure a few inches away The boy was passed out He's never been so embarrassed in his life The dumb-ass pulled out his brush and smashed it back into the shower leaving water pools on the floor()


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