Shock the Euros

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I'm a blonde girl with big tits which not only is nature helping but my plastic surgeon helped Right it was just to use the pictures in bunny magazine to finance my studies
Right now I'm the CEO's assistant at a multi-company although I may be if my physical and non-mental capacities are the reason you chose me The most annoying thing about it is that I do the lion's share of the work while he stares at my breasts at best or he blasts me with obvious hints at the worst I wouldn't mind having good sex but not with my little bald and fat Old Money boss
Revenge for not spreading my legs he sent me to an important business meeting on my birthday But if it's bad luck to be so big there were no flights due to the storm so I had to take the bus for hundreds of miles and I could take the whole weekend
Just like I was in a black dress high heels and a tight white blouse I took a bus Luckily the back row of chairs was completely empty I went in the back and got into the corner and I fell asleep I was really tired after all the work I must have had a very erotic dream because when I woke up my nipples were hard and I breathed faster I kept my eyes closed and I could smell my dream partner's aftershave in my nose Slowly as I began to wake up from my sleep but the scent was still intense and hot and I raised my head and I opened my eyes and an incredibly blue pair of eyes looked at me That's when I realized I was sleeping on this guy's shoulder  I became red because it was pretty clear that I was turned on in my sleep but I watched carefully if it affected me like that I wanted to know what he looked like I liked what I saw so much that it made it even harder for me to control my desires and my confusion
A young muscular handsome guy in a Marine uniform He didn't seem to care about me either because his pants were blatant I just thought I'd take a step back and unbutton two buttons on my blouse His eyes were on my cleavage and his trousers were growing less and less large I looked around on the bus and the few passengers who were still in the front seat with us were asleep in the sleep of the righteous I didn't want to miss it I slowly reached out and stroked the hard phallus through his pants And he didn't do nothing he unbuttoned my blouse completely he took out my breasts and gently licked my nipples I unbuttoned his pants and I was surprised to find he wasn't wearing any underwear The hard yearning phallus was throbbing in my hands
I licked my fingers and stroked around his acorns and my young Knight fell on my nipples and sucked them with more and more passion As long as his mouth was on my chest his hands weren't idle She put her hand up my skirt and took my thong off And then slowly sensuously my pussy started caressing her I moaned up so loud it felt so good to pamper my horny pussy I got wet in no time And he stuck a finger up my vagina and started fingering me I must have been pretty loud ' cause the driver was looking in the mirror more and more My knight clung to my lips and with a passionate kiss prevented me from waking up our fellow passengers with my screams His fingers were moving faster and louder and my fluids were making him squeal and I was beating his dick more and more We couldn't control ourselves anymore he gently pulled his fingers out of my hot little hole pulled my skirt up to the waist stretched my thighs up to the waist and sucked deep into my scented pussy I was standing there holding on to the seats and I put my right foot on a seat and a stranger was licking my wet pussy and the bus driver was staring at my butt in the mirror Well I certainly wasn't expecting this weekend I certainly smiled with pleasure


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