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It was a cold night the cold wind blew up my dress and I was getting really cold I was mad at myself first of all because I agreed to this game and second of all because I wasn't dressed properly I fell into my own Chabda again wanted to look sexy behave show myself dressed like that short black dress deep cleavage back and shoulder free I didn't wear pantyhose but I thought it would make my dress more appealing and I had to pay serious attention when I sat down or else I would not only have shown my muscular and long thighs but something else
I was angry and afraid of a possible cold coming up to number 43 With great difficulty I finally found it which in itself is a decisive act in terms of the number of housing units On the intercom I picked out the name on the little piece of paper in my purse took a deep breath and rang the bell
Soon the gate buzzed and said " the way up is clear" I took the elevator up to 6 upstairs to my surprise the elevator door opened on its own and a smiling handsome boy pushed me into the apartment graciously There were already three other young men in the room and with curious glancing eyes they were poisoning me My body was tingling and I felt their eyes caressing my body and I felt the cleavage of my breasts protruding from my cleavage and they were moving down below my slender waist and in the direction of my hips they were finally looking at my brownish muscular thighs and athletic calves Meanwhile the guy who let me in came back to the room and they sat me down offered me champagne and they talked to me We were getting through the introductions and I finally found out who the arena is now so well known and liked by imre nick They were cute trying to lighten the tension and constantly filling my glass with champagne They were drinking and I felt their X-ray glances and it didn't hurt With a few glasses of champagne confirming my confidence I felt they were admiring me and the little devil woke up inside me What woman wouldn't feel desirable sexy with those eyes ? I don't think any of them so I was no exception We flirted with pleasure we talked and I felt my face flushed with champagne and sexual desire that aroused me by the drink and the situation
I felt it was better if I went to the bathroom and washed my face Imre willingly showed me the way accompanied me to the bathroom He drew me to him at the door and whispered in my ear " I didn't think you'd come nor did I think we'd meet in person" He stroked my hair and my face and then his hand kept going down reaching for my hips and buttocks caressing me while his lips clung to my neck and flooded it with hot kisses His tongue crawled from my clavicle to the base of my ear and filled my hot body with joy He pulled me closer to him and I could feel him pushing his already prancing tool at me I lost my head I panicked because I've never met this guy in person we've talked a lot in the arena but I haven't felt ready for this I came out of the hug and I slid into the bathroom locked the door behind me and I bent over
I've been thinking about how I got here I met Imre in a chat room called the arena we talked a lot about all kinds of things we got to know each other Sometimes I just came in to talk to him and I didn't care much about the other people who thank me Of course we talked about sex a lot we had a good time in this 21 in a century-old technocratic flirtation but we never went further in the conversation never met never spoke in person The arena was the only communication link between us and the demarcation line that none of us have crossed - so far I won't deny it excites me when he asked me if I wanted to meet him in person but I always said No until he said that I could have fantastic group sex if I ever met him and his colleagues I rejected the idea I thought it was a joke but subconsciously i was aroused by this idea I used to imagine what it was likeand every time I get to the edge of madness I'm intrigued by this fantasy When he asked me for the first time if I wanted to do it I said yes with a surprising amount of speed So here I am in the doghouse with three complete strangers and a half - unknown acquaintance where everyone knows what they're up toIt's amazing isn't it ?
I thought about it all over again and the panic that I had just had just passed away with such a rush I was once again caught up in the sexual charms of the situation and there were flashes of fantasy that set my desires on fire again My thighs began to tremble and I felt myself start to flow strong()


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