Sexual Objectification

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I and my girlfriend are attracted to varied mildly extreme things in sex We've tried a lot of things and I'm looking at some of these stories Let's start with one of the first when I fucked my buddy in cosmetics I've always talked to Baker about our sexual desires and one of the things we both would have liked to try is the three-way I was afraid if I brought it up directly the first time it wouldn't work so my buddy and I came up with a plan: Robi checking in with Raka in cosmetics when I'm in the country During treatment you ask for an intimate part of your hair removal and you get a crack at it and then when it's "hot" I show up The construction was easy as my partner often had guests outside of opening hours He would lock the front door of the salon so no one would bother him at work and since the cosmetic part was upstairs no one on the street could see in Luckily there was a back door and I had a key so while he was treating Roka Robi I was able to sneak in
Robi was lying in the cosmetic bed while Reka was massaging her face Being summer Robi was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and Réka was wearing thong panties and a one-piece summer dress Thanks to her tight breasts she rarely wore a bra so through the slightly opaque cloth the hard nipples were also clearly visible Obviously there's only one thought every man can think of let alone someone sitting in a cosmetic chair and getting a massage  I knew Robbie well and I knew he had a crush on my partner and I was sure that it would be easy to get her to play a little game but it was all about timing They had a good conversation during treatment and then after discussing all the topics Robi got to the point:
- Do you do hair removal in private?
- For women yes but not for men because they can't take pain
- I like him Can you do it for me? - Robby asked me out Reka got the message straight away and asked back:
- When do you want it?
- You can do it now
- Then what are you waiting for? Drop your pants "Reka said laughing and then she stood at the bedside right next to Robi He thought it would embarrass Robi but he like a obedient little boy pulled down his pants and his tail was sticking out in front of a Bush
 At first in Reka's surprise she said " Oh Nice one
"No one has ever complained of it so feel how hard – reflective Robi is and then through the soft summer dress he grabs my wife's butt and starts caressing her"
- Hey Take your hand away?
- Come on Reka what are you playing at? I know you like Dick You know Krisztian and I are best friends We have no secrets from each other
- Oh yeah???? And what else did he tell you?
- Like you'd like to try it out with two guys  meanwhile Robbie reached under the dress and caressed Reka's butt like that 'You have a lovely ass' said Robi - Oh come on Why do you think my dick is standing like that? You are so hot
- I'll kill Christian "I ought to have sex with someone" said Reka who let Robi grab her work her caress her fine ass
'I can help you with that if you like' said Robi with a mysterious smile
- No way Well I'm not that easy – and then he took Robbie's hand and took it from his butt I felt I had to step in now and I came out of the next room
"Hello" I said with a smile
Reka went right in and laughed
 I knew you two planned this together
I walked up to Reka to kiss her and she pulled her head out He walked up to the treatment bed grabbed Robbie's tail turned around looked at me and said:
 Now as punishment you're gonna sit in the corner and watch me suck Robbie's Dick
I liked Reka's reaction because I knew she was in the game So I sat down on the chair in the corner to watch the show from the front I've often imagined the situation and although frankly I didn't plan it that way I also liked this scenario The place in my pants got tight as soon as I saw Reka leaned over Robi's tail and took it Of course he leaned over her while she was reaching out to me Her shapely ass looked out of her short summer dress as she leaned forward With his right hand he grabbed the base of the phallus kissed it licked it and then began to suck it
- AAAAhHHHH "You suck so good Robby sighed"
With one hand he put a frog's head on his tail and with the other he reached under the dress and stroked his butt Reka was sucking the cock of strength faster and deeper and deeper
- This is awesome Don't stop
Reka sucked like she never got a dick in her life and we used to have sex six or eight times a week He went into complete ecstasy overnight so I saw the time to join him()


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