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A cool morning wind swept through the misty landscape of a fairytale landscape gradually drawing the beautiful outlines of a girl At every step of his boots he smacked on the dewy bright green grass Then the light of the rising sun lit up the girl in her 20s with a pretty face His half-length red hair which he called "orange hair" fluttered by the breeze and his green eyes supported the icy sting of the breeze She was wearing a green jumpsuit and though her body was completely covered in it she could not hide her beautiful feminine form But he didn't want to
He walked to the lake but a boy came out of the forest She was tall strong-bodied dark brown (almost black) hair blue eyes and she liked her face They knew each other
- Why did you run away? - the boy asked
- You don't understand You don't know what I'm going through
- Maybe because you won't let me know
- yeah I have to go
- I won't let you
- You can't tell me what to do
"You are mistaken" the boy stroked the pale face of the girl whose body was covered with a strange tingling He looked deep into the boy's eyes The two of them were just sparking He held her in his arms and kissed her for a long time When their faces parted the boy first spoke:
 Now do you understand why I can't let you go? I did - but it's stuck here He couldn't go on
'Say it so I can say it' whispered the girl in the boy's ear "I love you"
Their lips touched again their kisses were more passionate than ever before He's hungry for lust They've waited a long time for this moment She fell on the wet lawn and he began to undress her He was very excited about zipping up the girl's dress who in her underwear seemed really exposed The boy quickly took off his shirt followed by his trousers He kissed her softly as he freed her from her remaining garments Her body was white as snow her breasts were the right size and round according to the boy's taste They longed for the body of a man ready to act naked with labia The boy's mouth slid down lingered at the neck and then rested long at the breasts He took their tip gently as he caressed the curves with his hand The girl sighed softlyher developed abdominal wall stretched Then the boy's hand besieged the gates of pleasure and she put her feet around the boy's neck The touch of strong hands was soon replaced by the soft caress of the tongue to which the fingers joined again

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