Scissor Sisters

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My heart was in my throat as always on such occasions I stopped the car in the driveway in front of the garage and stopped the engine A faint sigh came out of my lips and for a moment I felt faint My pussy was throbbing in my wet panties I clenched my thighs and I thought a hard dick would sink into my starved vagina and pour its heat all over my insides I finally got out of the car I walked through the gravel in my high heels and stepped on the porch of the House I zipped out my bag and I looked for my dessert The porch light turned my snow white skin into Opal yellow I put little lipstick on my lips
The door was open as always I pressed the doorknob and entered the apartment I stopped and watched The quiet sound of TV filled the House I went through the kitchen and stopped at the living room door
The man was sitting naked on the couch and his eyes were hanging on the TV screen The video sounded low On the screen a big dick slowly pressed into a hairy cunt slowly disappearing into the opening of the Acorn I didn't realize I was caressing my breasts because I was unconsciously staring at the act on the screen I came closer and the high heel of my shoes fell softly on the living room floor
Suddenly I looked at the man who smiled at me He was circling his stiff tail with his fingers slowly massaging his Acorns For a short time he looked at the swollen pole and then he wrapped his fingers around his pink Acorn My wet pussy started throbbing again and I swallowed it big I walked through my room and stopped in front of the man He looked at me with curiosity
- Can you help me? - he asked
I nodded and bent down He put his head back and our lips met His hot tongue slowly slipped between my lips into my mouth A faint sigh came out of my throat and I too put my tongue between his hot lips and then went through every corner of his mouth tasting the taste of his kiss I kissed her again and again and I could barely stand His face was hot his body was burning with excitement
He stopped stirring his dick and slowly led his hand up my skirt and then suddenly put it between my thighs I bent my foot slowly guiding his strong fingers toward the edge of my panties I started to circle with my hip so that your hand could smooth over the entire surface of my thigh He bent his fingers and pulled his nails through my panties I bit her lips with pleasure wheezing and sometimes I took my breath away The man just stared at me and kept kissing me With his fingers he pulled the thin fabric aside and touched the lips of my already dripping pussy
He began to excite me with his hands crumbling my clitoris and sticking his fingers deep into my glowing vagina Then he pulled his wet fingers out from under my skirt and he enjoyed watching it glisten in the faint light of the TV He slowly approached her lips and licked my fluids off her
- You like to taste it don't you dad?
- Yes I want more - he said with his eyes wide open
I took his hand and I put it back up my skirt so that his extended fingers would disappear again in my moist vagina
- Would you like to try dad's cock my little girl?
He looked at me with a longing face and waited for an answer His fingers did not stop for a moment; he slowly pulled them in and out of my vagina
- Yeah - yeah - I sighed
At first I slowly wrapped my fingers around his throbbing tail and then approached my face
- Suck on daddy Or would you rather feel Daddy's dick inside you?
He moaned Leaning on one of his elbows he lay down on the bed and watched me work over his hard dick He put his hand back up my skirt and started fingering me
- You like to suck don't you little girl? - he asked in a low voice
I looked into his eyes and licked my lips I stood up and zipped my skirt slid it down and threw it on the floor I also pulled down my panties quickly releasing my white thighs I reached between my legs and I opened my lips with one hand and with the other hand I began to rub my swollen clitoris


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