Schoolgirl Submissive is humiliated and fucked

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Judd woke up with a warm woman's body curled up with her back to her chest She didn't put anything on before she went to bed and Brenna was wearing a thin nightgown that crawled up in her sleep and let her see all her legs Judd used one of Brenna's arms as a pillow and the other was resting on her soft thighs Their legs got tangled up one of her mints was between her legs
Full direct contact But there's no sign of dissonance
He checked his shields and determined he was safe You couldn't say the same about his energy reserves
They're exhausted Judd looked at the opposite wall in a dark green light a laser projector and he knew why Despite the darkness it was only this afternoon and Brenna turned off the simulation of the sun He couldn't have slept more than 17 hours and his mental abilities took at least 24 hours to recover But his body was fine That didn't make any sense but Judd didn't complain
He was alert and in a very manly mood With his hand he stroked me over Brenna's thigh The girl was growling something that made her feel hot Judd was waiting for the dissonance that would punish him for breaking the conditioning But the pain was gone
Judd had his fist in his fist
- Judd mumbled sleepy and complaining
The mentals have relaxed his hand
- I'm sorry - He kissed the girl's neck and waited for the pain again He didn't come - It's tied to my abilities
- Of course I do That's why he was so strong that's why his ears started bleeding earlier Because that's how his T K skills workedthey put pressure on him
- What?  Brenna was half asleep
- Dissonance  They used his own ability to punish him It was a perfectly reasonable solution: by negatively connecting his ability to emotions they made sure Judd would deny them which kept his telekinetic powers in check
He started pulling his hand up her thigh until he felt the lace of Brenna's panties with his fingers It was very delicate but not as soft as Brenna's skin He slipped his finger under the edge of her panties and smoothed over her hair
 Judd - She suddenly woke up - What are you doing?
- I'm touching you
Brenna raised her head from the man's arm
- Oh - he whispered - Does it hurt?
- No I'm not  Judd opened his fingers and grabbed her like he did before
Brenna screamed
- Honey have you ever heard of foreplay?
Judd would have smiled if he knew how
- I'm just getting started  The heat on her body burned her skin  I had plenty of time to plan everything
- W-w-plan?  Brenna coughed up a few like she was trying to clean her throat - What do you mean plan?
He pulled his hand out of her panties and smoothed over her belt In the meantime he lifted her thighs so that she could feel more intimate His dick started throbbing from the proximity
- I thought I'd get ready see if I ever got a chance to touch you without putting you in danger
The girl's ABS flinched under Judd's hands
- Do you have a detailed plan?
- Very detailed - He inhaled it absorbed it
The smell of Brenna's neck and then she kissed him
She trembled and tried to turn but Judd only half let the lower part of her body remain entwined Then he leaned up and looked down at Brenna
At this close range despite the darkness he was able to take out the girl's features Brenna had a slight light in her eyes especially the blue flames near her pupils
That impressed Judd
- It's beautiful
Brenna reached out her hand and went through his hair
- Let me turn around
Judd slipped his thigh up into the girl's wet heat
Brenna's sighs were both frightened and inviting The boy moved his thigh back and forth a few times Brenna closed her eyes
- You're teasing me - That was a hoarse-sounding accusation
- No I'm not I plan to go much further than that
- He pulled her hand out of her locks and turned her back
Brenna in the previous position wrapped around her body
Brenna made a disgruntled voice
- I can't touch you like this
- I know I know  They called him The Iceman but if it was Brenna he wasn't made of ice at all And if the girl had caressed him Judd wouldn't have been able to accomplish a tenth of his plan
And for a man who's been starving for so long a little bite wasn't enough She wanted to take it slow eat well and give herself to the feeling So you slid it back
he put his hand under her panties and smoothed me over the warm soft skin

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