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It's been a long time since I met my former girlfriend Plum He was 19 I was 23 She was a really nice nice girl smiling face feminine but not full lines shapely breasts shoulder-length black hair She wasn't a top model she wasn't beautiful and I never wanted that Those few pounds plus on the scale were compensated by being kind loved and very open-minded in bed
We made love a lot because of the circumstances at the time always at their house in her room for Quiet Girl music cozy half-collection which we both loved very much The layout of the apartment was so we could have free sex even when the whole family was home The family I quickly met so this relationship was in a harmonious familiar place
And there was Silvi's younger brother Tommy 16 He liked it if we didn't "Tomizzuk" because he was already "Thomas" a big high school kid who had more weight on him than his sister but he was trying to compensate with a little arrogance and distance Of course I was a bear too so who am I to blame him for that? Tommy and I were fine but I never called him a friend or a confidant Until then
Until one weekend night when their parents were away plums and I again committed the hours after dark to physical love The pleasant music and the light at half-stage created a wonderful environment and we soon undressed each other and kissed each other with our hands and mouth and excited each other wherever we could I kissed her delicate feminine body enjoyed the smell of her freshly shaved pussy walked slowly and gently between her erogenous zones as far as she could of course she did
We were already very excited and we were making love and Elm was moaning with her eyes closed and she was enjoying the situation when I looked towards the room door and I saw someone standing there The door had a glass so thick that it could only be seen vaguely but the shape was visible The door was open a crack and in the dark I could see the eyes I knew it was Tomi because there was no one else in the apartment And I knew what he was doing because you could even recognize his rhythmic movements Silvi's brother was watching us
The first thing that crossed my mind was that it wasn't right If he's standing there playing hockey for his sister it's a little weird But if it's me I hadn't thought of that Of course in a situation like this no matter what goes through your brain the brain is between your legs The dimness and the music hid us from each other just enough so that I would not be embarrassed and even excited to know that they were watching us (especially my girlfriend) so I began to bang plums more and more with a hardened tail The kicks were getting faster the moans were getting louder and I let him give the little guy a great show even without Silvi's knowledge We soon came and while we were resting and stroking each other Tom pulled up his pants and disappeared
And then it happened again and then again and then a few more times But I never mentioned it
Luckily Silvi was a girl who liked to "play" in bed So for one occasion I made up a little game for him I blindfolded her with one scarf and gently tied her wrists with another So he couldn't move or see anything He was very excited about this vulnerability because he didn't see it he just felt me licking his naked body exciting his breasts neck lips pussy And I was just like really slow gradually aroused actually waiting
It didn't take long Tom soon appeared behind the door I then with one hand stroking a prune and the other waved him to open it better Tom was frozen he didn't know what to do but I just waved him to relax and open it The guy opened the room door a little further out and he looked in I could see how embarrassed he was in the light but I showed him that Silvi wouldn't notice any of this I was massaging my love's pussy and she was writhing outside herself moaning on the bed I put my hands on her and gently directed her mouth()


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