Risky Outside Orgasm with Vegetable

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It was a beautiful late summer day and we went on a trip We hadn't known each other for a long time maybe the fifth time we met but you could feel the vibe between us in the first place We drove for a while and then we stopped in a parking lot and got into the woods We were aiming for the lookout at the top of the mountain but we took our time Besides it was a steep road and on both sides there were mulberry bushes full of delicious ripe fruit True we had food but we stopped and feasted on the black delicacies
Time was in a good mood we talked about all kinds of things It was becoming more and more intimate and I couldn't wait for him to finally touch me Sometimes we'd stand in front of each other and I thought he'd finally kiss me but he didn't We kept going The next time I took a deep breath and gently stroked it over his face neck chest He's got my hand His touch struck me as an electric shock and I couldn't move just looking at his beautiful eyes He held me and with his other hand he held my head and kissed me tenderly He's a very gentle kisser When we emerged from the embrace of the other we left in confusion but we went hand in hand
We found a small side road and we began to wonder where it would lead We were hungry looking for a nice place to settle down and eat our sandwiches We found a cave In the hillside we saw the hole above the road I was wondering what was up there He was no rest either: he came after me We found a relatively small hole up there Just where we could disappear from sight We both wanted each other very much so we quickly took off our backpacks and wound up together in a long kiss Our hands began to explore and undressed each other That's more like it It's a good thing we brought a blanket with us and we put it down quick and he laid it on Our hands began to discover each other's bodies while our mouths did not part I couldn't help myself He found my clitoris with his hands while his tongue was on my breast()


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