Realitykings- All natural blonde Josie tries an experiment in public

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A tiny red dot lit up in the neon light of night in a dark corner of the balcony He sucked deep into the cigarette He wasn't smoking out of pleasurehe was looking for peace Peace so that he can sort out the thoughts in him and regain control of his wild body He breathed out the smoke slowly with hissing and felt his throbbing blood slowly subsiding his breath restoredand his mind died It's right here There he is I can't believe it Could it be a dream? No way You remember that you were running up the stairs that seemed to be of infinite length that the door opened without knocking just a crack leaving only enough space to slip in He also remembers that they just stood up to each other and didn't even say hello Nora barely looked at him He just told me where to put his coat that the kitchen opens a balcony where he can smoke and that he just got here he wants to take a shower This is not how you imagined this great encounter to be He thought they'd go at each other like crazy that they'd break out in hot kisses and who knows they might be falling on the floor of the first room making love Compared to that the reception was almost cold He sucked into the cigarette again bent his knee and held his chin in his palm and gazed into the dark What are you really doing here? You really want to take that chance? What if they get caught if they find out? Then it's all over maybe No no no She didn't want to think about it right now He was here He came and Nora You can't change that and you can't change it They deserve it Two years of agony hopeless longing a Million Dreams of being together they really deserve this one night Suddenly his fingers were tingling and that's when he realized his cigarette was completely burnt off The ash probably fell at his feet though he couldn't see it in the dark Just like you don't know where to find the ashtray or if there is one He stood up approached the ledge of the balcony and flattened the cigarette with his fingers He sucked in the night air and then he turned around and entered the apartment because he didn't want to waste any more of his precious moments He wasn't looking for a light switch his eyes were fine with the dark and besides the bright light would not have suited the mood of the secret meeting He heard the water flowing in the bathroom and he moved towards the little strip of light which came out under the opening of the bathroom door He stopped outside the door for a moment took a deep breath and then slowly pressed the doorknob
My skin was almost massaged by a strong stream of water and the pressure of my nerves began to release I couldn't believe this was happening to me As I stood in the tub I poured water on myself rethinking the events of the past few hours I left the House told my boyfriend I was going out with the girls tonight because there's going to be action at the discoLadys Night and it's free access I'll sleep at mom's and she'll pick me up the next day we'll have lunch at mom's and then we'll go home He had no objection it wasn't the first time we went out with the girls and I didn't sleep at home I packed up at my mom's got ready for the party and then I went out for the night My two friends and I met before the disco Kinga gave me his house keys and he's sleeping at Zsofi's tonight so I can find a place to date and then tomorrow when I wake up I'll return the keys to him But right now we have time until Tomi calls so let's have some fun and it's not bad for me to loosen up a little I couldn't do it I kept thinking " What if he can't make it if he changes his mind or if we get caught or if we don't good or if" I had a million thoughts in my head scared scared that something wasn't happening the way we planned Tom's out with his friends tonight getting a pass from his wife Once you're all warmed up in his heyehuah he'll call a cab call me tell me he's leaving I'll leave the disco and I'll meet you at Kinga's apartment We'll both be home by 4: 00 at the latest so no one will be suspicious of this evening The thought of finally being his Tonight has dried up my mouth I needed a drink I rolled a few of those special cocktails because I needed a little help getting the courage to dance In the meantime time goes by better while I wait and I do love dancing The crowd on the dance floor slowly increased the air was heating the music was throbbing I was completely lost in the dance stunned by the flashing light caught up in the rhythm I was shaking My phone's in my pocket My heart started pounding because I knew he was calling he was on his way and in a short half an hour I'd be with him After two years alone at last I said goodbye to the girls in a hurry grabbed my coat and ran I opened Kinga's apartment panting fighting and I lit the light in the hallway()


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