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Sleeping Beauty and the people of the castle slept peacefully and motionless for a hundred years No one but no one could break through the impenetrable Sleeping Beauty forest that protected their dreams Until a prince young and brave dalia set off on her Snow-White Horse to break the curse and embrace the beautiful princess of Legends Her blond hair flowed in the wind and her eyes fluttered with hard steel-like determination With a single swing of his shiny sword the impermeable sleeping Rose Forest was spread out obediently like soft female thighs As if by magic a dark deep tunnel opened between the prickly branches and he ventured intensely into the mysterious interior of the castle
Everyone and everything was asleep The servants slept standing in the courtyard of the castle or as they walked A handsome footman with a moustache reaching up a maid's skirt with his hand waited a hundred years for the moment when he reached for the wet pussy with his finger A red servant boy looking behind a door sat down on the ground in surprise and so even more humiliated beating his ascending tail with both hands with his eyes wide open
In the Great council chamber there were courtiers swarms of nobles sitting around the table in an orgy which had been abandoned The court jester sitting at the corner of the table had his cock under the table hidden by the long tablecloth for charity on his knees for a hundred years by a beautiful lady-in-waiting Under the skirt of another lady-in-waiting there was a swarm of dogs eager to lick the luscious pussy A young count was about to sit in the arched Spear of the Baroness next door and her skirt was fluttered The old King and Queen huddled each other with a coy smile under the cover of the tablecloth
The prince moved on and found a spiral staircase which are at the base on all fours standing-room-girl juicy pussy to beat the pants of the royal craftsman while the carpenter's apprentice his own rock-hard tool room girl lips between worked
The Prince passed them and went up the spiral staircase which led to the tower room He opened the door and his eyes and mouth ceased to amaze; a beautiful girl lay on the bed and slept a hundred-year-old dream The prince immediately fell in love with him and something moved in his trousers He approached her and kissed her sweet cherry lips The thing in his pants began to move vigorously but Sleeping Beauty did not open her eyes The Prince knew the legend well: the curse will be broken by the kiss of the hero dalia Where are you going with that kiss? So the valiant champion thought He looked at her weak virginal body and caressed her round breasts One of Sleeping Beauty's little fingers seemed to have moved but the accomplice in the pants moved much more firmly The Prince solved the upper part of her dress and the little apple-shaped snow-white breasts with the delicate pink rosebud came out The dalia took one of the tender nipples between her lips and began to kiss it with diligent motion of her tongue Sleeping beauty sighed deeply but she didn't open her eyes But the man in the pants could hardly fit in the tight space
The young hero lifted up the skirt and saw what my man had never seen: the soft virginal blonde pussy He stuck his head between the opening legs and kissed the soft lips which now made the tiny pea-sized clitoris harder at the top He put it in his mouth and he put his tongue up and down right and left on it Sleeping Beauty's breath sped up her soft breasts waved and sank but her eyes were still open The prince then introduced his index finger into the narrow dark tunnel and felt that it was not hot wet and warty from a hundred-year dream Then with a terrible crack the Prince's trousers and his royal sceptre raised with a large purple head gazed up bravely ready to fight ready to impale all enemies The prince got up on his knees grabbed it and started pulling it up and down and down and up while he watched the still-sleeping pussy with longing
"That's it Sleeping Beauty" she murmured " I must fuck you"
And stroking the open gates of the vulva with the acorn of his rod he broke the resistance gates with a stroke and with the other thrust he came into the secret tunnel Sleeping Beauty groaned but her eyes were still closed But the King's Spear The King's size had yet to penetrate and had to make room for it And the dalia moved slowly pushing in with every swing finally placed its sword all the way down the length of the Virgin vagina which was tightly round giving it a warm and moist home The prince moved slowly enjoying every move the caress of a narrow hiding place Then he switched to faster more powerful strokes and finally pushed pushed stuffed stuffed the delicate soft flexible pussy out of pure power with all his royal powers()


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