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Spring came early this year The sun is hot and strong today and it's only the beginning of March March Krista's favorite month Not just because it's her birthday
The first rays of spring are so inviting out thereShe can almost feel the warm caress on her face and she can almost hear the bees humming as they pop out of the Air 3 upstairs classroom
"Are you still with us miss Varadi?"The casual remark of the history teacher would not have awakened him from his daydream if he had not mentioned his name
Teacher Varga started teaching in high school that year and almost all the girls had a crush on him Except For Christ He was particularly repelled by the strong lines and permanent stubble of the man He was handsome but in a bizarre way The man always wore dark jeans with a shirt that left the top buttonhole unbuttoned and her chest hair unraveled Christ was shivering at the thought of ever touching him He was sure that the disgust was on his face as the teacher continued to speak to him He obviously liked her even though she hated to butt the hate history Maybe it was a relief that he didn't belong in fan camp
"I know it's spring and Friday but for another 15 minutes" he continued looking at his watch " we should focus on revolutions"
She turned red as the whole class was staring at her
He tried to observe and though he looked at the map on the board with his eyes his thoughts were far away
When the bell rang he had to poke his benchmate in the side to ask what the lesson was
"Jesus Christ Krista where the hell are you today?"she whispered Brigi who was not an eminent person but also belonged to the teacher's enthusiastic fan base
She drew her mouth on a mysterious smile and whispered with her friends the outline of the forest tour planned for tomorrow
"Do you want to come?"asked Brigit out of courtesy
To his greatest relief the other claiming he didn't know the others said no
The unbreakable team was made up of four Best Friends of Krista his best friend Ditta and the boys Csaba Lacko and Joco were inseparable since primary school He was particularly attached to Joco He's known her since kindergarten It's been ten years since they played King on the riverbank in the reeds where Joco was the prince and she was the Princess
They were like brothers
But a few months ago something changed They were alone at Jocó's house and the boy's parents were out of town
They had a little taste of the contents of the liquor cabinet Pretty much And then Joco suggested that they watch a film like that His dad had a huge collection of them At first it was just a giggle as the men in white sneakers filled the ladies with their eyes closed and their mouths open But then the boy looked at her so furiously and said:
"You ever thought of me that wayI mean the two of us? You knowwhat if we slept together?"If he wanted to be completely honest he would have said no because he never really thought of it before He looked into the boy's cornflower blue eyes which now seemed even brighterand suddenly it didn't seem like such a bad idea
"I don't know"'he said softly "Do you want it?"
The boy didn't answer he just drew closer to her warm body and kissed her in the neck He was so gentle She covered her whole body with kisses as she slowly gently pulled it out of her sweater and bra They laughed at how professional it was and I managed to unhook the bra with one hand He wasn't professional at all You could feel the boy's insecurities and he knew it was his first time But he was so kind and thoughtful that Krista forgave him for his hasty foreplay and wished it was his first I wish she hadn't given her virginity months ago to her ex-boyfriend who was five years older than her and obviously she was just using him It was just an emotionless fuck whereas it's the most sensual lovemaking But will Joco take advantage of it?
"You're not a virgin anymore are you?"asked the boy probably reacting to her insecure expression Krista made a face because thanks to Ditta gossipy's girlfriend there was no ex-8B who had not heard of her and Psolli Somehow Ditta considered it a matter of prestige and was proud that the only two of their ex-class were no longer virgins He's not gonna tell her that
He shook his head and smiled probably encouraging the boy who was about to shove his dick into her barely wet pussy
"Let me help you"suggested Krista slipping from under the boy and kneeling on the bed At least psolt was good for that showed him a few tricks that would get him to write himself up for good at least the inexperienced ones like Jocó's diary


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