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In all my years as a professional and in high school I've never been in college And then I started working After a good four years of work out of the blue I realized I wanted to go to college Of course the selected department was not in the area so let's go to the college
Four days a month in college I applied for a correspondence course
When I thought about these days I didn't know what to expect The big parties the night-to-day debauchery or the dreary lack of buddies
After the first night I was able to decide what my college life was like My classmates and I talked about a variety of topics until dawn
I was surprised to find myself in a room with two guys with the same interests
So I came home with some really great experiences and I was looking forward to four days next month
I don't write anything about schoolit's not worth it
The next four days didn't start so well
One of the guys didn't show up and we heard he wasn't coming again got a job abroad
There was another guy in the room from another major The mood wasn't so tense anymore We were asleep before
I fell asleep fastthere was no reason for me to stay awake
It's about 1: 00 in the morning when I woke up to a faint whisper
- Shh don't wake them up
A girl's voice?
What do they want?
- Stop worrying so much - whispered our new roommate
I pretended to sleep so they wouldn't stop what they started
I've never had an experience like this before I opened my eyes to see the girl but it was barely dim and I saw nothing All lights are provided by the lamp under the window
With all my courage I opened both my eyes
The girl had pretty long hair which color was impossible to tell
There was no doubt about what they were up to because the girl was wearing a T-shirt which she refused to take off unfortunately
After they got under the quilt I realized that all I knew about the girl was that she had a nice beautiful voice long hair I don't know what color and nice tight round bottom she was wearing she showed me
How interesting and exciting that was for me was my cock staring at me
For a long time no voices were heard and I almost thought I could go back to sleep when they began whispering again
- Do you have a condom?- she asked
- I have some in my bag "whispered the roommate in a faint whisper"
- You gonna get it?
- I don't want to rattle I don't want the kids to wake up
Well it's a little late for that I thought to myself
- And I don't want a baby - and she was just getting up to leave
- All right all right all rightI'll try to pull it out quietly
He started digging around though I can't say it was too quiet Plus he was smirking sensibly when he didn't find it the first time
Somehow I got the feeling he didn't want to make love he just wanted to fuck this girl
Of course maybe she didn't have any higher expectations
- I got it
- Give it to me and lie down
My roommate went to bed and she pulled the quilt on them
- I see you don't mind the rubber  I heard the sound of my roommate sighing under the covers
Soon the quilt came to life and began to move rapidly
- You okay with that? - she asked
- Very good - the boy moaned  for a few minutes all I saw was the quilt rising and sinking
- I'll sit on you if you want me to
- All right - okay
The quilt came off and then she sat on him and started riding The T-shirt was still on so I couldn't see her boobs and I really wanted to see it
My dick was about to explode but I didn't touch it on purpose
With my luck they'd have noticed and stopped
The ride did not last long they changed positions again and now the boy approached the girl kneeling on the bed from behind
Moan moan moan then nothing
The boy looked like he came He slipped out of the girl and fell on the bed breathing tired
The girl on the other hand just sighed and sat on the edge of the bed
- Did you come? - she asked
- Yeah I hope it was good for you
- Before we turned I left I'm going to take a shower
- Okay - okay Are you coming back?
- If you like?
- Yeah - yeah
She wrapped a piece of clothing around her and left the room Our room was right next to the shared men's shower There was no women's shower because the rooms that the girls got were shower rooms and of course they looked different
The roommate sat up on the bed pulled down a condom wrapped it in a tissue and threw it in her purse


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