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I felt my husband's hand he was touching my butt I was surprised because we just went to bed 20 minutes ago and I just lost my eye My partner doesn't do thatwhen he wants to make love he always takes the initiative before I fall asleep After all I had no objectionI felt like making love too I let him caress me He's barely touched me lately and he's the only one who's satisfied I haven't seen Ildiko and Thomas in at least a month and a half This is the longest break we've had since our relationship started My friend was busy with family problems and Thomas was in Germany more than a month ago and I knew he was going to stay a while longer
Peter that's my husband's namehe kept stroking me more and more he knew I wasn't sleeping anymore I helped him I turned around and spread my legs He began to caress my pussy surprisingly gently barely touching it and then he pulled out my labia and stuck his middle finger in I got very excited very quickly and very hard Almost a month and a half of abstinence had its effects I grabbed his dick and it was so hard and it was slippery from the rain I waited for the moment when he turned on me but he surprised me again didn't move just excited my pussy I was trembling with excitement I sighed softly I didn't want our daughter to hear what was going on in the bedroom I wanted to scream and I kept my mouth shut to tell my husband to fuck me and fuck my pussy but I kept my mouth shut He wasn't used to that kind of outspoken I had two fingers inside of me making it feel so good I was breathing with my eyes closed while she was spoiling my breasts Licking my nipples made my appetite even more intense I've enjoyed your caressI haven't been this excited in a long time I hit his dick hard and I heard he was breathing deeper and deeper He used his other hand and started caressing my clitoris He was rubbing it more and more vigorously which made me feel like I was going off the rails I came out twisting my hips breathing quite loudly to Peter's great surprise He didn't expect me to come so soon I fell on his dick and started sucking I could still feel the flickering delight in my body and I came but I didn't really relax I sucked Peter's dick hard and he couldn't get a word in edgewise He rarely let me suck his dick Compared to Thomas' his tail was swinging hard in my mouth kneeling sucking Peter with his legs spread open and I thought " if only Thomas were here he would cut his monumental tool in the back and of course he would lick my tits and pussy" My fantasy ended with my partner's hand trying to keep my head down but I wouldn't let go so I gave him a hard blow job until he started to enjoy it His large sperm filled my mouth It was nice it tasted good For the first time I felt my husband's sperm in my mouth
When I saw the look of shock on his face I laughed but I restrained myself He was staring at me like he didn't believe it happened She was embarrassed she said something about not imagining it she didn't want it she didn't want it and she didn't understand why I didn't stop because I know her reactions
I told her it was okay I wasn't mad and it wasn't bad at all He got angry angry that it felt good what it was what new habits I had I was shocked by his temper I knew he was very conservative in that regard but I thought that after more than 16 years of marriage one could risk such a thing She was so angry she said it was just prostitutes and porn actresses who were also prostitutes I felt really bad I just got angry and then I started crying I was so hurt he never said anything like that to me no matter how angry he was Besides it occurred to me that as much as I'd like to I'm not gonna be able to get him out of this overbearing closed-off conservatism I wanted to
There was a huge debate which of course resulted in us fighting until morning throwing things at each other that had nothing to do with sex The next day began with the feeling that the gap between us had increased
I've been thinking about the night all day I blamed myself and it shouldn't have happened because I know my husband I felt guilty about going along with that three-way maybe the reason I need more more than what my husband can and wants to offer Maybe you're right about me being a prostitute
I haven't been well for days and it's been hard for me to get over this insult and failure Ildiko encouraged me to be calm because things will calm down in a day or two But this time he was wrong and a few days later when it was just the two of us at home the topic came up again and we had another big fight()


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