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The last time I applied you got to know the story of the Rapture with one of my old friends Like I told you back then the Magic didn't go away like a butterfly because more than once we get together and take each other's bodies Although we've made love so many times lately anyone could get tired of his low intelligence his provocative behavior But when you get over all these little things you can understand him and have a great time
Just two days ago there was a case that you could only think back never repeat and it might not be as good as the first one I met him this morning and he had little circles under his eyes because we spent the whole night making love but he still winked at me with gratitude She said there was a party tonight she wanted to invite me to and introduce me to some of her friends Of course I said yes right away an excellent place to continue our usual lifestyle or at least to adjust to it I never saw him again during the day but when the clock struck eight he stood out in a fine evening gown showing a great deal of body I was wearing a simple suit and shirtI wasn't in the habit of dressing myself up
The party started out boring although my girlfriend was all over me and sometimes she would squat down for no reason so I could get a deep look at her breasts through the cut-out Of course he and I had a great time at that time but the otherwise tragic get-together couldn't keep me busy And then his friends came along and I recognized one of them right away He was in the class and they were both very good at it I'm not saying she had the body of my girl but it wasn't that bad She had medium-sized breasts relatively thin and slightly disproportionately large buttocks In school they were both as provocative and I fantasized about them more than once and they were very wild
This little get-together was really starting to wear off and my girl's hot action was canceled because her girlfriend took her somewhere Since I was so bored I decided to go on a search I wanted to cheer myself up I've searched all the rooms places that were out of place but I can't find it anywhere I walked past an open window and I heard his voice I looked down and they were going to the back of the House What the hell they want to do this in secret? Are they junkies or just smoking? I could think of a lot of things about my girl but she doesn't do drugs So I followed them ran downstairs from the building and behind the House When I got to the corner I slowed down my steps and stopped I thought if they were just smoking maybe I'd go back take a peek and see something amazing
The girlfriend (Imola) had just shifted the bottom of her dress and crawled around in her thong What I expected happened I finally saw a working vibrator in her hand My Girl (Adri) was as surprised as I was but after all she overcame her disorder and took the buzzing toy into her hands I knew what was going to happen and I've decided that an opportunity like this can't just be missed I decided that until Imola came I'd just sit around the corner and watch and then I'd step in
Adri knelt at her friend's feet and with her silky-skinned hand pushed down the thong and stocking sometimes moistening the nylon with her tongue When the coast was clear he stretched the passage with his fingers and with his flailing tongue began to lick him as he tickled his stomach with the vibrian Imola was caught up in the fantastic feelings that the magic tongue was able to produce pressing her head with two hands to cut to keep her from stopping He did not disappoint his girlfriend he licked her clean-shaven cunt as diligently as a bee collects pollen His fingers continued to stretch the little and large lips as the edges of his mouth entered the wet pussy like a penis I had a feeling it would be a few more moments and my pants were about to be stretched by awkward scarcity So I fished my tool out of my pants and at the rate Adri's tongue disappeared into my vagina I drew one on my foreskin The vibrator which had tickled Imola's stomach had come to the silky entrance but instead of removing her tongue from the cave she slid it up against her mouth and began to stick it up the shaft It must have been very tense because Imola's face was more and more distorted by pleasure For a few minutes I had this kind of pampering and I could barely control myself and my excitement was about to burst like a volcano But Imola still hasn't left
Adri then pulled out the vibes and her tongue but Imola still had the anticipation and the longing on her face My girlfriend started sucking on the machine shoving it in her mouth and then pulling it out like it was a real dick()


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