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- I couldn't stop thinking about it I wonder if I wasn't attractive enough do you like other girls faggot?  I asked myself the questions about Donald He almost didn't realize that the night that I invited him over I might want to have sex with him as if nothing had happened he left obediently when I asked him to (although I can't complain about the night anyway) I asked around the school about it I've talked to your sister a lot asked around what they know about her habits girlfriends Actually I didn't get any useful information Her sister knows about two girlfriends but they weren't the kind of girls she took homeshe just mentioned at home that I'm going to the movies with her now Besides in the company you didn't often know who's with whom what's the relationship between couples friendship casual relationship love I should be looking into this guy myself if I want something from him I wanted to and I thought it was a challenge I had to fulfill Purpose: sleep with him I didn't want to be in a serious relationshipI just wanted to cuddle occasionally or regularly and then get divorced provided I get there
He had a very good friend Eric and I approached him I went to him the other day
- Hey Eric I'm Nancy and I understand Donald is one of your best friends right?
'Yes you know' he said
- Now my request to you will be quite interesting So I want to approach him but he's very private so can you give me some information on what line to take with him? If I could find a common interest or anything to get closer to him that'd be great
'Perhaps I can' he said - But what do I get in return?
All of a sudden I didn't know what to say to him and I thought this was gonna be a five-minute conversation and then everybody just moved on But it's not Since I didn't know what to say to him I asked him back:
- What do you want? - I asked him
 Actually because you're a beautiful girl I want to have sex with you Since you want Donald if you two get together I guess I'm out of the question so we can try first One night together and then you get the information you need to get your hands on this guy
I was shocked I didn't know what to say to him Is it worth it for me to hook up with Donald if I ever do? I didn't know I had to think but at the same time I had the bad girl hiding in me who are the people who fuck for information? Oops am I a whore? No they do it for money But I don't get one Yeah I just get paid which is information instead of money So it's the same thing after all But by the time I thought about it I was excited about sleeping with someone so I could sleep with someone At the moment I studied Eric because no matter the build the grooming right at the beginning to take the blame for things So I watched him He was six feet tall not Athletic had a stomach not bad for the face but a little stupid hair on his head freckles on his face I was curious about hygiene so I went up to him I hate to say it but I wanted to smell it But it was a good time When I stepped on it I felt a pleasant scent I held her hand I pulled her to the base of a tree and I kissed her That wasn't bad either With his tongue he reached into my mouth and it struck with mine I was so close I could almost feel his dick staring at me I've made up my mind
- Where and when should this happen? - I asked him
 Well since my parents are always at home these days I'd like you to stay with a friend of mine His parents don't work here they come home only on weekends and I can talk to him about lending me his place " he replied
- That's fine with me Call me and tell me when and where to find him
I took a note from my purse and wrote my number on it
It's been like two daysWednesday afternoon my phone rang It was Eric
- Is tonight okay with you?
"Of course" I replied - And go where?
- I'll meet you outside the school at 7: 00 The Kid lives near there and we can go there together Bob will arrive at dawn
– All right - then I hung up
I went home I cleaned myself up took a bath I put on a red pair of panties a black stocking Look a little hot See if he appreciates it
I didn't even wear a breastplatemy boobs are really tight I had a top on my upper body which clearly showed that it would be an exciting night Almost punctured the fabric And I put on a little blazer Also I got a skirt that barely covered my little butt I was on my way to school and I didn't look like a hooker I may have overdid it a little But it doesn't matter now Eric was waiting for me
"Hey you're a hot one" he said
- Thank you you can't complain - I praised her too Oh the pants she was wearing were wrinkled It wasn't very flattering but the same perfume reassured me()


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