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Connor wakes up a few hours later and sees his stepmom still sleeping naked Watching the naked body of Nicholas bathing in the light from the courtyard reminds him of what happened a few hours ago His greatest but also his most perverted dream His upbringing mother the beautiful and famous actress Nikolai took his virginity The next thing you know she's having second thoughts I wonder what happens now What is he supposed to do or say or even how he's supposed to get past that with his foster mother? A hundred and a hundred questions swirling around in his head when he sees that Nicholas is waking up The actress slowly opens her eyes and looks at her stepson with Sleepy Eyes
- Connor? What are you looking for??
Nikol's voice gets stuck when he sees his stepson lying naked next to him
- Oh my God Connor ? - say it while you sit up and realize you're not in your own room you're in your foster son's Nicholas looks down at himself and realizes that he is also stark naked He tries to grab his arms in front of him trying to hide his breasts and groin from Connor's eyes as he tries to get out of bed
- Oh my God wasn't that just a dream? My own son I can't believe it Oh dear god what have I done? - says Nikolai in desperate need of his foster son in front of his bed with his arms covering his naked breasts and pussy Connor meanwhile stares silently at his confused blushing foster mother as he does-in his chair
he picks up one of the T-shirts on the couch and then turning his back he leans in a little bit The boy's eyes glide right on his beautiful foster mother's naked ass where despite the dim light he can still see his vagina between his thighs which is still leaking sperm Nicholas is very embarrassed but he tries to relax a little under the circumstances and then slowly turns around and says
- Please Connor put some clothes on
The boy gets up off the bed puts on his boxer shorts and then he comes back
 Connor we need to talk about what happened in every picture right now Please try to forgive me I'm so sorry for everything This was never supposed to happen I shouldn't have had that much to drink and then I won't do such a stupid thing
- Please calm down mom -he's trying to calm Connor's foster mother up and down in front of his bed all in vain
 How can I relax when I just practically raped you? Oh my god I'm your mother you're my son I may not have given birth to you but you'll always be my little boy But that all changed last night He changed forever when he did
- Mom please don't feel guilty about what happened because I could have stopped you things but I didn't
- Oh honey it's not your faultit's just me I'm the only oneI'm the adult you're just a little boy I'm your mother A mother never does never Nicholas can't go on because he can't control himself so he doesn't cry She feels all her strength leave her feet so she sits on the edge of the bed and then her tears come She starts crying
- Please Mom don't cry  you know last night was the best night of my life when I finally lost my virginity to the most amazing woman in the world With you
 Oh Connor Honey you know this isn't right - says Nicholas wiping his tears-no decent mother would think of it it's like this Oh dear I'm a terrible mother - says Nicholas in a voice falling from crying again
 You're the most wonderful mother in the world and I'm really glad I lost my virginity to you
 Oh honey what we did was incest You know what that means?
 Of course I know but I don't care because it was amazing Besides you're really my stepmom not my birth mother - says Connor
Nikol is surprised by these words and soon speaks with a little calm
 Listen to me Connor because this is very important If anyone finds out about this I'll be in serious trouble By incest I mean not only pedophilia but pedophilia because you're only 15 years old and to the face of the law an adult who has sexual relations with such a young person commits pedophilia which is a very serious crime I could go to jail for this
Not to mention my career will be over Every newspaper in the whole world is gonna be telling me what I did to you When his last words are spoken he starts to cry again Connor then embraces his comforting foster mother who cries so much
- Calm down Mom please I promise no one will ever know what happened I swear to you  says Connor holding his sobbing foster mother close to him


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