PublicAgent Cash tempts her to fuck stranger

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My name is Robert I'm 24 years old and I'm a newspaper editor I have a lot of friends most of whom I met in college and we've been inseparable ever since Although almost all of them have brides or serious girlfriends I'm having a harder time with this Being a young and attractive gay man in the business isn't so bad but after a long time you get desperate for the future
I haven't had a real relationship in years and there's a level where one-night stands seem less of an adventure
One weekend my company got together for drinks Everyone who mattered was there Including Dan my best friend we were roommates in college we did everything together in college
 Dan where's Amber? - asked another friend Amber was the girlfriend She's beautiful she's smart she's funny and she's been unbreakable with Dan for two years
- She went home to her parents for the weekend and her dad's sick again
- Tell her I wish her well - I finally said it
It was about midnight and everyone was getting ready to go home and a lot of them were working the next day I would have liked to have stayed and Dan could have seen that on me because he offered to move us to another place to drink and talk
We were sitting at a table in a small pub ordering drinks too often and I started to get this vibe
Dan was just talking and talking and I was just watching Her bright deep brown eyes her lips as she lingers on a perky one-sided smile her stubble must have been several days old than minemixed with red fibers here and there I always thought he was a good guy one of the best I know But I got the idea of anything happening between us a long time ago out of my mind
- Rob are you okay?  he put his hand on my hand but I caught him right away
- Yeah sure
- You scared me you looked at me like you saw a ghost or something
- I'm fineI just think I'm drunk we should go home
We were in the cab there was plenty of room in the backseat and he was sitting so close to me that I didn't even know it was physically possible Our thighs and shoulders are crushed Despite the layers of clothing I could feel the heat coming out of him If he moved a little or took a deeper breath all my nerves would be stretched
His apartment was the first one on the way the car stopped put one hand on my thigh
 I had a great time Rob talking with his thumb all over my thigh - you're a good friend the best We should get together more oftenit's been so long I almost forgot how good you are
My face was on fire every part of me was tingling - I missed you too man - I finally said it
 Heydo you want to come over for a cup of coffee?  I was so bewitched I went along with it without thinking
We were standing in the kitchen the coffee was steaming on the table We went out on the terrace and she told me a little bit more about her new boss over a coffee cigarette
I was sitting in the bedroom on the bed and he was in the bathroom changing
He came out in his underwear trying to pull his shirt through his head so I had a few seconds to look at it He wasn't very muscular but he had a masculine and stringy structure Her belly and chest were covered with a little more hair than it was years ago and she switched the overgrown adolescent body to a man He fell down next to me on the bed and put his legs in a Turkish seat and the bottom stretched over his groin I caught my eye and looked at his face and he noticed my confusion He leaned closer and put his hand on my knee My blood began to flow at an incredible rate my pulse skyrocketed He was breathing faster his chest was going up and down He looked into mine and bit his lower lip gently I could feel the blood rushing into another part of my body Her face started coming up on mine and I froze and I couldn't move from it He turned to my neck and began to kiss her gently slowly approaching my mouth When he got there for an infinite moment he stopped our noses crossed our breathing adjusted to one beat And then he slowly gave me an easy kiss It was soft intoxicating and sweet Then again our lips and tongues parted for a brief moment My ears started ringing and every part of me was filled with desire We started eating each other more and more eagerly His hand moved from my knee up my thigh and when he got to the point I grabbed his hand and pulled away
We were both gasping but I managed to speak first
- What the hell are we doing Dan?
- Don't say you don't want to - he swung at me again but I stopped him
- You're drunk and I have to go  His face looked like he'd been punched in the face


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