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My husband was gone a long time Because of his work he wasn't with me for almost six months Of course before he left we talked about this Is it a problem that she won't be home long and I will faithfully wait for her home et cetera?- et cetera Money's a big man and that job paid well Six months is a long time alone alone Try to keep busy With work girlfriends Sports I've decided to do a lot of sports anyway because I've become more fleshy over the years I'm 33 years old 5 '7" weighing in at 80 pounds brown eyes long brown hair and over the average height of 90 C's she's what you'd call a massive woman Guys try a lot which feels good to me and I guess it feels good to all women but I didn't really care about that I used to wonder what it would be like with this guy or this guy and that's right and that would work but that's it After the third month sometimes I needed something so bad that if there was a guy in the room when I was masturbating I would have jumped on him But there was never anyone there I've never been a sex maniac but time was beginning to take effect Every 21 days I was so fucked up I couldn't help myself
I had a vagina and I really needed something I had two fake dicks A small transparent six-inch and a thick red that was at least six inches long My husband bought them for me to have fun with We rarely used it The little one wasn't bad but the big one hurt I didn't like to let my partner stick it in me but I let it in once or twice because it was nice to see it turn him on when he saw it in me
The internet works wonders Of course I've had a lot of conversations with my husband online For his birthday he asked me not to just send him pictures of me with pussy and tits but to film me satisfying myself with the "assistants" and sending it to him I begged for a while but I agreed
I took a shower I freaked out I pretended to be in front of her and do all this "dirty" stuff I put the Wieners in some warm water I brought the baby oil in and I started doing it I set the camera to film turned on the music I was dancing around in a dress for a while and then I took off my clothes slowly and caressed myself I've been working out my breasts rubbing my pussy showing the machine myself from all sides I've stunk without oil before Between my legs I "did" myself with four fingers I thought my husband was gonna walk in on me and he was gonna come at me Then I oiled myself and the wieners I pushed the baby inside me pulled it in and out and moaned as I should I taped it to the edge of the bed and sat from behind to the base I was getting more and more turned on by the big one He went in without a hitch almost at the base I liked the way he stretched and squished when I pulled him in I wasn't thinking about my husband anymoreI was thinking about another muscular young man with a big dick fucking me I ended the film with deep moans and myself I've done like half an hour The next day my vagina was hurting and I wanted sex even more than before I sent the film My partner was delighted He said he wasn't expecting such a great production and he was a little surprised that I made it up that he didn't see the quality in me I told him I was glad you liked him and he could see that I had hidden reserves
It happened after a guy at work asked me for stuff that was on my laptop Flash Drive In win on desktop select Copy flash drive off That's it This is where the story really begins This guy was a few years younger than me cute nice and muscular on the side He's so"knick-knack" I've noticed him looking at me a lot but I'm used to it because guys always look at women with tits and ass I didn't care about him or anything else I liked it but that's it I didn't show it I didn't care I just assumed it was right and that's it I'm not a slut
About a week after the unrecognizable copying thing the guy said he brought me something and he'd copy it onto my computer I said Thank you okay I'll look at it at home now I'm done He copied it Looking back I didn't notice anything
I opened the folder you gave me last night There was also a folder called you I opened it of course It was a movie Let's see what we have here Maybe he wasn't trying to copy it for meit was just a coincidence Shit that's not true This guy was sitting in front of his computer holding his dick in his hand and on the monitor it's me satisfying myself with the tails I was frozen my head was covered in heat All of a sudden I wanted to do something to take it back but I couldn't I accidentally copied my movie for him and this idiot was jerking off Oh my God I called this morningI'm not going to work It was a Friday and the weekend will be something before me I thought of everything I might be on the internet and everyone at work is talking about it()


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