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But I woke up first looked at the clock it was 7: 30 The sun had already spelled the holes in the shutters and the room was bright My awakening didn't happen very suddenly My mind started pounding a long time ago half asleep so by the time I opened my eyes I didn't have to look for myself after I woke up I knew where I was and what was happening around me Of course I had a terrible erection Yesterday's unfulfilling affected me my dick was so tense though my balls were loose it was a little sore I looked at Vera and she wasn't how can I put it? The blanket I used to cover him with covered just a little piece of his back She was sleeping on her stomach her breasts were a little crushed by the bed so she gave her body outline another exciting turn but what caught my imagination again was this fantastic butt There were the two half-spheres with the fine skin and the soft fur and the two legs of his legs were spread out in the form of a mild heart even though his legs were closed The mound of naked Venus and its anus were perfectly shaped both of which hid the freshness of youth I couldn't help myself because I was watching all of this not just lying there but sitting up close with my eyes I was terribly horny and I didn't know what would be better now whether to relieve myself quickly or wait for him to wake up Both seemed like Sweet Temptations but none of them were the right solution The truth is I didn't think about it I acted I thought about an old routine and I moved almost automatically
With my hands I could feel the tightness of it caress the top of it and in the meantime I leaned closer and closer to these magnificent two half-spheres and gave him a nice kiss but to keep the other half out of the good part I gave him one on the other side and then I licked his skin a little over the kissing place I was thinking that this would leave the other half-sphere behind so I went over and licked it and bit it and back to bite it too In the meantime my hands couldn't control themselves I had to grip it a little harder on the two sub-spheres massage it a little bit scratch it a little but since my hands wouldn't let the two sub-spheres excite me with my mouth any longer I began to lick its buttocks first I went up and down nicely When I got to the anus it was the first time I felt it move and it stopped breathing like it was asleep He pushed his butt out a little to get me more access to the tight opening and looking down I could see that the main object of my desire was already glowing with moisture waiting for me to take care of him But first it was this little hole that I had to walk around thoroughly With my two hands I stretched the buttocks a little bit to get more access and I slowly licked it and I adjusted the middle finger of my right hand to the entrance and I put a little really really little bit into the opening that resisted the intrusion but I wasn't planning on harming him much longer just enough to make him feel arousing and it worked but I didn't let it go The finger that was in his butt I started to move it slowly and in a small circle while my tongue licked the dam muscle and the bottom of the hole It must have been a little too much for my victim for she expressed her affection with a loud moan and her hips moved a little further which not too regrettable resulted in my middle finger slipping into her butt until the first minute but we were both happy about that However this position was not suitable for me to pursue my deceitful plan so without removing it from the grip of my finger I slid back a little on the bed and lifted her hips and she willingly pulled her knees down and lifted the hill of Venus dripping with desire That was perfect With my other hand I gently plucked it through the hairless lips and gently opened it A sweet smell struck my nose and soon afterwards I felt sweet nectar on my tongue for I struck the clitoris and the opening with a slow but firm motion My tongue went up and down the cut spinning and clapping Where I was playing with his clitoris which was swollen again or I was putting it in the hot cave and while my finger was up in his butt it was moving in and out When I had reached the comfortable depth I went out and with it made a fierce tongue attack on the clitoris which made it more quiet but determined whimpering When I got out of his butt I went back on the unqualified flight and slowly so as not to cause any pain or discomfort I ran my finger through his butt as I kept licking his pussy It means that he's close and I've noticed that he's moving his hips and he's breathing back and forth and then his body is tense and he's having an orgasm()


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