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A new horse arrived with its owner a long-haired guy I liked the boy from the very beginning After a week or two one morning as I was saddling my horse he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go with him Of course I have ever since I saw you I've been waiting for this day ever since We've been riding together ever since and as usual the closer we get the closer we get I would like to share some of my erotic experiences (horse and horse) due to this closer relationship with a few stories
Before we rode out we agreed to ride with the horses that day so we did The farm had been behind us for quite some time and we moved our horses at a comfortable pace while we talked constantly I asked you out of the Blue would you like to sit behind me for once?
You don't answer my question verbally He's acting
With a swift motion he ties a knot on the stem in his right hand and then lays it on the neck of his horse with his feet up and he leaps off it and he leaps over to me
We've got good horses the whole operation hasn't given them any reaction
Now he's sitting behind me whispering in my ear " Can you cut?"
I trust him with my life because ever since I met him I've been waiting for this moment I'll start my horse in a gallop but he won't hold on to me he'll hang his hand he'll hang it by his side I just feel that with his gentle motion he'll gently take control of my horse Leaning back from the gallows I feel his muscular chest I relax I don't pull on the STEM I let my horse walk at a steady pace While his horse follows us a few feet behind
I begin to feel a growing desire for him to touch me I lean on him a little more then I reach back with my left hand I take his hand I bring it forward and I put it on my thigh I'm surprised again because you're determined With both hands he starts to loosen my belt I have no objection I'm gonna let my denim buttons go down and he's gonna stick his right hand in and he's gonna stay out of my pants and he's gonna stroke me all the way to the back of the horse Your fingers are in the right place With a little circular motion he begins to move them gently He's got his other hand he's got his left to work He slips it under my T-shirt and there he rubs my nipples and the surrounding area soft With his mouth he kisses the edge of my neck and shoulders with his tongue tickles and he bites me very good I close my eyes I don't want anything to distract me the road is straight the horse can go on without my control
I don't know how long it's been I felt really wet And then there was an effect that I really wanted to do in the past and now he didn't let me down I was about to snap my eyelids open and crush my horse with my round legs and leaning slightly forward with my left hand I pressed the fingers of the boy who worked effectively between my thighs and nearly knocked my horse into the head


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