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My life changed when I was 41 My husband and I have been together since I was 23 I had a moral upbringing my husband took my virginity no other man in my life I followed my mother's teachings so be coy stop showing off spread your legs for the man and that's it That's what happened I made love to my husband when he wanted to but I never asked him to At first it was daily then it decreased later The sex consisted of me taking my clothes off in the dark last night my husband caressed me I tore my legs apart and he fucked me At first it was enough for my husband but later he wanted more I performed part of it (I pulled his dick caressed him) but not the rough ones (blowjobs anal naked in the light) When we made love during the day I was embarrassed even though I wasn't a bad woman When I was 41 I was a good – looking not thin – breasted round-breasted woman
So the number of lovemaking decreased there was one and then there was another kid and then there was hardly any One time a month tops but it didn't bother me All I knew about orgasms was moviesI thought it was stupid Good sex done done Then one time I heard strangers talking about my husband cheating on me I didn't believe it at first but then there were a lot of signs that it was true I was always a straight woman the other night asking if my husband was right  I cried and I didn't understand anything Why? And he said " Just because you're a frigid icicle you can't have sex with me" I told him but I'll spread my legs for you whenever you want It's not sex it's just letting them fuck you We had a fight he said he was thinking about getting a divorce
I've been down for days I felt I was to blame but I was also angry at him for cheating on me My girlfriend noticed and I poured my heart out to her He was thinking and then he called me and said Maybe he could help I went to see him He suggested introducing me to a man who on the one hand could lure my husband back on the other hand would teach me the pleasures of sex I asked him how he knew he had good sex and he smiled So what do you think? I said no because I was only with my husband but then a few days passed and my husband threatened to divorce me again I called my girlfriend said I was cool with it said she'd call Zoli and call me back He called me back soon to tell me Zoli was gonna do it We made an appointmentI went to my girlfriend's apartment He was with this guy about 35 and we introduced ourselves and Zoli told me that he wanted to be with me the way I used to be with my husband I was really embarrassed but my girlfriend left leaving us alone
Zoli hugged me and kissed me and I let him even though I was really embarrassed Zoli felt that and said " Let's go to bed" Take off your clothes he said I was gonna turn off the lights but Zoli told me not to I got naked and went to bed Zoli took his clothes off looking at me and I admired his prancing tool He came to me with his dick in front of my face I was terrified to see what he wanted He waited a while and sat beside me with a sigh He started caressing my breasts and then my thighs My nipples were licked they were flicked My legs were spread and my pussy caressed I got hairy pussy Zoli put his dick in and fucked for a few minutes and then came inside me
I washed up and then Zoli sat me down
 No wonder your husband's sick of you
- I don't know I mean I sleep with him he can fuck me
- You might as well fuck a mannequin No wonder you've never had an orgasm You kiss badly you have to kiss with your tongue You don't suck you don't even touch my dick All men love to be pampered by mouth You're not doing anything you're just lying there You're not moving You can't lick yourself your pussy's been neglected all bushed You're not changing positions You don't let go The Traits of a frigid woman
- That's what my husband says
- You're a good woman with tits and body There is one possibility Next time you're gonna have to do what I say whatever it is If you enjoy it fine if you don't then you're really frigid
- What do you want me to do?
- I'll tell you but whatever I say you have to do
- I don't know
- Then your husband gets a divorce
I agreed A few days later I went back to my girlfriend's apartment and Kata was waiting for me He looked at me with a smile and told me he was going to shave my pussy Zoli told him everything and I'm gonna enjoy it
I let him shave it and then Zoli arrived My girlfriend kissed me and left smiling Zoli didn't say anything just lifted up my skirt and looked at my pussy He liked what he saw And then he told me that next time I can't be shy and I have to do everything I can I didn't get it Zoli told me to take off my blouse and bra Then my skirt all I have left is my panties I covered my breasts but Zoli told me to put my hands behind my back and walk in front of her I used to walk around naked with quivering breasts I was so ashamed but in the end I was less embarrassed Zoli told me to lean forward and wave my breasts()


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