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It's been a long time but I still have that first one in me It didn't turn out the way I thought it would but it was the first time
From high school I thought I was a big flirt but I never really got that far Towards the end of school I had a more serious girlfriend - although she was several years younger than me Three years were a lot then (not like now) She was afraid of intercourse even if we did it with condoms :(
After school I got a job at a company that had a computer program for the employees At the time it was quite a novelty for a company to organise a course like this The majority of the company's employees were ladies This is the course where I actually met the co-workers until Max kissed me and said goodbye :))
In the performance I performed I noticed that one of the ladies wasn't focusing on the performance but rather on me After the lectures there was always a practical session which I used to get close to Luckily he had a computer problem too so I felt it was my duty to come and help :) That my thighs touched hers for a reason and she didn't pull away That's all there was to it After the course we stopped in the company hall to talk when we met I found out she's married she's got kids and she's like 12 years older than me
I didn't think much of it but every now and then when I saw her in the hall and she glanced at me with flirty looks I knew there would be more to it
And the day has come He brought up a record in our office that he couldn't copy I went to a lot of trouble with the record until we were done working - I knew my colleague would be running home :)) We stayed while discussing neutral topics He was sitting next to me Our thighs touched each other from time to time and I made sure that the more that happened the more I nested on my chair With a sudden decision (and a" accidentally " leeso floppy) my hand landed on his thigh It didn't go away "Good sign" I thought
I started stroking her thighs talking to her I couldn't tell what was going on because I couldn't stop thinking about it He stood up locked the door - I knew something would happen that didn't The die was cast
I got up tooI put my arms around him We kissed The air was boiling in the office I started unbuttoning her blouse and then I turned off her bra She admitted she couldn't remember when she was being stripped by a man


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