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December: we have left Győr railway station behind us the bus has quietly drilled into the darkness of koraesti You could almost feel the front wind of the coming snow Long-awaited peace was given by the known corners the quiet highway
In the interior of the bus there was no sign of the cold silence many came like us to spend the few days left in their country home
Faces that appear Unknown or seen only once in a while who say hello to my beloved and then turn to me when our hands are clasped Short but heartfelt words touch me with real honest smiles
I've been watching Lilla for minutes like I've been watching her for many mornings He looks out thinking a little Stern a teacher's face It's the only time I can feel the difference between us for seven years and it melts into nothing when we love and make love and laugh and think about it and talk quietly after a long day I think of the mornings when I look at her peaceful sleep and look at her face
It's been a long and difficult year for him a doctorate a foreign job opportunity that goes on for a long time for me unemployment at home assistant work with a degree
Total uncertainty in the future The tiny cracks that have already appeared on the armor of our love
But it's love
He turns to me almost ashamed of the stolen moments He senses something of my concern only looks me in the eye for a moment then clamps my hand and suddenly kisses me on the lips Now he's not looking for a hole with his tongue to caress my roof of the mouth only his lips are kissing but his teeth are clenching hard I can feel your body burning the rush of the past few days just passing on the thrill of coming home
I too feel a little like home in the small but lovingly furnished country house The back cool but cozy room the squeaky bed that we can now reheat
It's just a long moment of kissing and then your forehead and the tip of your nose come together He only says a few words but I don't listen to them only to the sound of his voice which is now a part of me and I can read it better than his words
- Don't plan
- Don't think
- Don't be afraid
It's just that today tomorrow and a few more days which I'm sure we still have shouldn't be anything else that matters
Then the bus door opens for us we stand quietly at the simple stop we say a quiet goodbye to our acquaintances and we go to the nearby house by holding hands
Dinner runs out slowly we talk we smilewe dissolve in the warm
The Dear touches me unnoticed under the table first only the tip of his finger touches my thigh and then pushes his entire hand over it I answer to him only by tightening my muscles but my voice slips away for a moment They're sending us to take a bath The early days were over when we could only bathe separately but now I'm sending it forward He looks at me and I answer with my eyes "hurry up"
While watching TV I can hear him in the shower trying not to imagine the drops of water looking down on his hot skin Right now I don't want to see the small but shapely and tight breasts the hard brown nipples the tight yet feminine round belly the strong thighs and the timidly hidden naked groin Yet I can feel the blood rushing up inside me scorching my brain through my groin I'm gonna grow out of my underwear in no time and I'm gonna sit more and more uncomfortable and I know my pants don't hold much of my "thoughts"
My desk is a set of towels and pajamas light-years away and I will continue to talk to the parents in a seemingly calm way
The two knocks on the bathroom door almost frightens me and perhaps as a game of desire it continues to stretch my penis with another dose of blood And then all I hear is the sound of " Come on" I put the shirt in front of my groin and I walk into the bathroom in a second
In the V - shaped cut I see the red white nightgown This garment is so funny if I didn't know the body underneath it it would ruin the effect of a soft thick robe Maybe he inherited this red and white cross - striped nightgown from the ' 80s
He looks at me:
- You forgot something outside -
The only time I turn on is when I left my pajamas and robe on the table I'm wearing my shirt to show him that I'm in no condition to go out again He walks up and kisses me with a smile the taste of toothpaste suppresses the sweetness of his saliva for a moment Now he's got a tough kiss wild and demanding Our tongues collide halfway around each other and I can feel it savoring my palate and then pull back so I can get in We savour each other drink from each other's mouths His hand is rubbing and it's pressing down my pants and he's holding me tight and I'm getting out


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