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It was back in the days when two or three years ago immigrants invaded the East even an oasis of sewage tsunami
I was standing in front of a tobacco shop smoking in the shade out of the sun for minutes unaware of the sign on the door behind me:
Not far from me there was a little girl under the eaves too He was waiting for the right victim
- Hi - hi Sorry Can you buy me a box of blueberries? (I think he said Winston)
- Yeah I'm gonna smoke it
- Thank you - he put a handful of change in my hand As small as the man who just shredded his beloved piggy bank - That's right
- You're welcome
- It's ridiculous I turn 18 next week and they don't even give me a fucking beer
- I don't care if you're 16 - I smiled He didn't look so good by his face and his little tits were just bulging under his shirt His shorts however did not allow passers-by attention to the idea that in a few years there would be something to hold on his thighs
- I can't believe everyone thinks I'm younger If I show you my ID will you believe me? - he was whining and he was reaching into his bag
- No thanks - I smiled - I believe you
After he put it in my face I felt it appropriate to look at it and the girl spoke the truth
 You're lucky you look younger than you are You'll get the advantage later - I smiled with one eye towards him suppressing the cigarette butt
And he smiled too She was a good-looking blonde girl and despite her rather prickly first-time sniveling style she had something very attractive in her eyes
- I'll be right back
- Okay
I walked out of the store and I saw him staring at me with one eye open Probably because I didn't hold anything in my hands other than his carefully selected coins
- I need another 50 I don't have any money I didn't come here to shopI just wanted to smoke in the shade
- Whoo - he couldn't speak I mean even when he didn't call me I could see that he was freaking out and it was all over his face that he didn't fucking expect it
- But I'll give you one if you want one - I showed you the Black Dunhill
- That's too strong Anyway thanks anyway
- You're welcome
When he walked away I looked at his round little tush and I thought " it's a shame I lived till I was 25 thinking girls bite"
I didn't think I could make up for what I missed when I was 30 I've been with a good 38-year-old woman before but trust me
I only care until you get it and then soon you realize that fresh meat is the real thing
Sometime around midnight the next day I got home from my late shift pretty pumped up It's the stress of the week in the first place plus overtime
and then that day there were some people I wanted to split in half I couldn't wait to get to the old 24 - hour convenience store and buy 10 beers at home
Well you might want to wake up on a Saturday morning and have six or seven beers for breakfast
In the neighborhood of my apartment turning to a side street looking at my feet to avoid walking into dog shit again a few steps later I realized that not far from me
they're fucking against the wall I was just thinking Why don't I just go to the other side? when I took it out in the twilight so someone could rape her I didn't hear a sound but she was clearly not clenched with her face against the wall with a faggot in his pants down holding her mouth with his right hand and with his left she tried very hard to peel the shorts off him as she rubbed herself against his butt I'm not a tough guy but with two shots in my head I didn't even think about fear and I just jumped in there automatically I don't know if it was a muscled animal
I still wanted to protect her but I did He was so into her he didn't even notice I was coming until I got there
By the time he looked at me I hit him so hard I couldn't straighten a few fingers for two weeks The adrenaline's driving me crazy Maybe it's because he was an arab jizz - looking 20-25-year-old pus as they say on the news under " poor innocent refugee" You know the one with the better phone than you?
because someone's been eyeing them to flood Europe like a Trojan Horse I don't know how long I would have kicked him on the floor if she hadn't stopped me A few ribs might still hurt today
- Bloody immigrants I hate them
- Not so loud The others are coming
In my rage I realized that the girl with her head down and her hands shaking was the little badass who was in front of me the day before


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