Public sex during walking the dog

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I woke up Lacey early and my parents were asleep and she was dressed and she wanted to leave quietly but I wouldn't let her go that easily I pulled him by his wet curls from the shower Our time together a few hours ago was still hot and I wanted a repeat of course Laci didn't resist She gave me a kind hand and I put her down on her knees and I took her to bed First I kissed him in the shoulder socket and I kept going down and down licking his little pink nipples one at a time She was moaning so hard under me that I was getting all hot and bothered
- I should go we're both going to be late-he tried to resist  I don't want to
Of course it was a lie because I took my hand down between his legs where it was as hard as a rock and I squeezed his dick hard and he moaned so hard he was like " Oh my god"
I loved that despite his small petite size he had such a big dick and it's a good thing I'm a little bigger and thicker than his because I'm the only one who's active It would have been funny the other way around But the point is I'm totally into him
- Little liar should I punish you? - I teased him The punishment was lying between his legs and bumping into his dick Sometimes I'd look up to see her closed eyes and her pretty face and her slightly open lips where those crazy voices would come from I wanted her now more than I've ever wanted to fuck anyone in my lifeI just wanted to fuck her to satisfy my desire to possess her Nah that's why too
I grabbed it by the bed with the lube and the condom but before I could use them I started to use Laci's butt with my tongue and pamper it with my mouth In the end he was throwing his whole body around and his hand was on his dick Nah I didn't let him beat herI wanted to be the one to give her the pleasure He looked at me disappointed when I'd knocked his hand off his beautiful tail and I thought the time had come for me to put the rubber on my dick and put a large amount of lube on Laci's bottom which was still red from the night-time sex but he didn't complain I knew from his fists that he was still sensitive I tried to be gentle but do you think I lasted a long time? Beneath me lay the most beautiful boy I've ever seen the most desirable body I've ever touched so in two minutes I was fucking him like an animal and when I saw his first jizz shining I hit him with one hand But I couldn't concentrate on two so I told him to beat himself up ' cause I was about to explode I didn't have to tell him twice he did what I said The throbbing was about to hit me but I didn't want to go in it so I went over it and I knelt over his face He only stopped for a second but he kept beating his dick and I pulled the condom off my dick and I came on Laci's beautiful face God it felt so good especially when 30 seconds later he came and I saw the look on his face the look of joy the look of semen coming off of it Moments like this are worth living for It was really good and when I wiped it and pulled it up it felt good too It's too bad we had to hurry we got dressed in a hurry and we said goodbye I was driving with floor gas I dropped him off at their house I looked it up and I saw it and it's a bit wide and I'm so dirty that I didn't feel sorry for it I felt good to see it I was glad I took your virginity
At work I could barely concentrate on work I had these feelings all over me and I felt like I was in heaven once and other times I went down all the way
All my thoughts revolved around him and the future I thought it might be best if I try not to take things too seriously then things might get easier
Things will work out and we'll see what happens to us Besides Laci is still young and there's always a chance that she might like a girl because I don't know if it's bisexualI didn't even talk to her about it
I was thinking about our night and our morning at Lunch Actually and I couldn't eat so I went to the bathroom because my dick was standing like a pin I locked myself in and pulled down my pants licked my fingers and rubbed my Acorn When he was good and wet I started to jerk off and I couldn't stop thinking about LOAC and not about his body and his tight butt but I could see his foggy face his wheezing and moaning which I lured out of him
It's a bad sign but I didn't fall in love did I?
I came in two minutes It wasn't any easier for me this afternoon trying to focus on work messing up the project doing everything They were looking at what was driving me so mad
It was very quiet around the table at dinner last night when I announced I was moving in three weeks I quit my job for the tenants My mom was crying the Tibi was sad and my dad didn't say anything My mom came to me last night and asked me if it had anything to do with Laci because she knew she was here with me last night
"I don't know" I replied as it was true for I had a vague vision of the future
- What's it gonna be like when her parents find out you twisted her neck?- he sighed
- I don't care just be happy-she came to me and I knew why I loved her so much
I kept Laci away from me for a few days on purpose for a number of reasons and she was hysterical and jealous so on the fourth day I went to her house at night and I took her home and we snuck in like thieves
And then he threw himself in my hands and I just felt how much I missed himI'M NOT GOING ON WITH THE STORY BUT LET'S GET A PEEK AT LACI'S DIARYLaci's log entriesWednesdayThe month is finally up next week I don't have to do that bastard Tibi math homework for me and I finally get what he promised me in exchange for a dream date with his brother this weekend I'm looking forward to it Gabes is the best-looking guy in the world he looks great he's tall (The Tibi said 6 '2": DDD) Her hair is up to black shoulders her eyes are green and she's working out One time when I was over there I saw him walking down the hall in his underwear huh I almost got sick He's got some Adonis body but not disgustingly muscular but just as beautiful as it should be I'll try to pick her upSaturdayI'm a little freaked outI have a random date with Gabes at the mall today Oh my God What should I wear?SundayI sucked his dick in the toilet through the hole just like I saw in the movie and I practiced on the fake fart but it was much better in person Him and he took mine after and he was very nice to my tail which gave me one of my life's dreams Wow but then I didn't have the guts to go back to them I'm so ashamedBut it's Okay I'm going to the Gábor's today and Tibi needs a little math helpMondayLast night was heaven and hell at the same time I waited for GABA to get home and offered her a piece of my mind and I just threw myself at her feet uh She fingered me she fingered me she pampered me from the front she was good but she didn't do anything but love me she'll never fall in love with me I'll never go after her like a bride in loveWhat's with the morning? His father and his mother caught us in bed there was screaming and uncle Andrew slapped me and Gabes let him and his mother screamed like a siren and told me never to set foot in there againSo what's gonna happen to me to us how am I gonna see Gabi like this?SaturdayNothing's changed I haven't seen my love in exactly 12 daysI'm going crazy You have to pull everything out of tibia with pliers when I ask about your brother but when it comes to girls?WednesdayI was looking at Gabi today I was outside of work until his lordship finally walked out but it was just a moment it quickly hit that fancy car it was just dusting after the squeaky wheels Is that why I was hiding in a dumpster for half an hour? Besides I got totally numb and my clothes stinkSaturdayWe're going out tonight we're going out with Tibi of course we're going to the new place there's gonna be Gabes Tibi he's a good buddySundayWow so much has happened1 Gabes was at the new place and he looked even better than beforeI wonder how he does it2 Gabes is a son of a bitch took a hairpin-throwing little monkey to the park and fucked her He cheated on me3 I was trying to get back at him flirting with the girls when they came back after the fuck and he saw me When my cousin Betty sat on my lap she went crazy He jumped up and grabbed me like a rag doll and dragged me home / Plus I'm doing Betty's math for two weeks now in exchange for the production we cut off in front of Gabes and she just took it Is that a good niece?/4 He took me upstairs and tied me up with one of his ties5 He took a shower like a baby6 M M he fucked meIt hurt and I cried and I was happy because it was fun That's the second time I've slept in his bed MeWhen he thought I was asleep but of course I was just pretending he looked at me kindly and kissed me7I'm not a virgin anymore


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