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It doesn't matter how we got there
Just that we're there hiding from the noise of the world in the heart of the treesthe rain drips softly the drops caress they run from leaf to flower the wind gurglesnot strong and cold no no a pleasant spring breeze as fine as Damascus silkevery move we make is starting to smell like cherry and the rain is just fluttering and the leaves pick it up and it's like a curtain drawn by nature the garden lives with us hugs with uswe sit on an old bench and the words the scratches are still visible and the sound of it falls softly perhaps only the wet earth can hear it we sit next to each other our hands searching for each other our fingers searching for each other they're becoming entwined I will bend my back to your chest put my head on your shoulder and two strong arms embrace me protector lover
I listen to your words they caress me they hide behind my dreams I feel your vibrations and our bodies wake almost unnoticed the rain keeps our clothes on us steaming from the heat of our skin every minute you whisper in my ear that you desire me right here right now your mouth is like a burning iron on my revealing neck sealed with an invisible stamp your words have enchanted me caressed me brought my slumber to life"and now the touch of your lips stirred the embers within me I'm burning up I touch your face caress caress gently your hair is shivering my fingers are dancing your lips move gently glide from point to point new and yet more surprising to my skin your tongue helps his adventure your sensuality slips on my shoulders I moan softly into the void I want you while you kiss your hand it will go away in search of my curves it gently drifts beneath my moistened blouse with the rain the silhouette of your silhouette of silhouette is sticking through the fabric the warmth of your skin overflows my moisture glides every movement
I feel your will I wrap both my arms around your neck caress my trembling hands to your neck I'm all yours the touch of your lips is round the grip of your arms is handcuffs strong and willful your hands strive towards my hardening breasts and like a hunter to a weak Beast ten fingers will be struck not allowing his prey he pursues his desire listening to his calling as soon as I feel your first touch the dam breaks open inside me with a moan your every move burns to my skin your palm covers my shrinking nipples their warmth melts them they're soft on you the slow circular motion of your fingers is upon me your grip is getting stronger and I enjoy it with my eyes closed my back is to your chest your arms are tight"I feel your passion burning from me I understand to me to me and all I want is you embrace kiss embrace touch every desire in your body feel fulfill die in the flames of your passion
We are quietly greeted by the twilight together under the blooming trees in each other's arms in love our silent whispers the voices of our feelings are caught in the drizzle as the sun's orange blood permeates the Earth so is our common will your hand will come out of its hiding place glide over my shoulder and turn me to you my palms are pressed against your shirt my knees are clinging to your thighs one arm embraces you holds you tightly and the other one caresses you licking the line of my breast then you touch my face softly touch my hot skin your finger hesitates on the flesh of my mouth and with my greedy kisses I greet his every move slowly your wet hand is wrapped around my neck and it draws me to it at last your lips kiss my lips your taste is flowing through me your scent is vibrating
Like ravenous wolves we fall for each other's kisses enjoy searching our mixing juices your tongue licks my bronchial desire and your arms embrace me squeeze me and nothing matters the moments fade the moments live their own lives our bodies meet discover each other's secrets their treasured treasures their movements your lips greet my neck again your sighs in my ears drenched in my blood
You're throbbing inside me I wish you every move and you breathe like a hunted animal in my arms my hands on your clothes dissolving the fabric of your shirt your chest emerges in the dim light and I listen to the siren song of your skin your gaze falls your sight bewitches me I lay my head down I lay my mouth upon your body like a rock on a water mirror this is how your chest rips with the dance of my lips my tongue the brush line of my bite is marked by a faint moan your hand in my hair so you guard my kisses the light goes under the trees and the light goes to sleep the night is wicked and the veil is upon us you let me keep kissing you caress your trembling body slowly put your head back your neck opens my tongue slithers my sigh clings to you the salty taste of your skin fills my mouth so I bathe in your tastes my lips slowly touch your lips your little kiss through them and you look into my eyes and desire is burning with warm burning light"your eyelashes caress as you rise up dragging yourself down


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