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Noémi sits in front of the mirror in front of the mirror of her dressing-table
As soon as he got home I was all over him He liked to be naked he didn't know why but he was upset about it It was a Friday early afternoon of a hot day in June He liked Friday it was his favorite day so he got home early about 3: 00 It's been weird all day all she could think about was sex He couldn't pay attention to anythinghe spent the whole day waiting for him to come home and pamper himself a little
Maybe she shouldn't have broken up with Brigi but that's when she really feels like she's missing but he quickly convinced himself that he had done the right thing because he was already very disturbed by his girlfriend's vulgarity and a little rough style They were completely different in this area Noemi was the embodiment of subtlety It was true of his whole being his manners his style his feelings his thoughts In sex he preferred the subtle foreplay when they pampered each other for a long time
She liked to look at you she had her dressing table done for a reason and she didn't like the furniture in her bedroom He was excited by the sight of himself She was a very pretty woman a few inches short six feet beautiful long legs and a very shapely butt Her breasts were still as tight and round as they were in her early 20s It was a gift of nature actually he only started training a few years ago Her beautiful light-brown slightly wavy hair stretched to her shoulders her big green brown eyes and those few almost imperceptible freckles made her incredibly sexy There hasn't been a day when someone hasn't given you a compliment Not to mention the street hums and the insults She didn't like men and she hated some of them She used to tell her boyfriend that she'd be a nun before she'd have to do something about a hairy sweaty monkey Fortunately he didn't really get in touch with them in his work he worked at a perfume store
As he sat in front of the mirror and smoothed over his body he felt a couple of hairs reappear She has to go down to her beauty salonshe can't stay like this for the weekend Even when he was playing with himself it bothered him even though a hair had gone out not to mention he would never ever give himself up to anyone without being completely shaved off He's almost obsessed with being bare but he can't help but feel good about himself She takes the phone out of her purse she searches for the number and she calls But unfortunately he gets bad news next time he can't see his favorite beautician until Tuesday afternoon Now not that there should be some solution started almost to panic and then remembered the neighbor's house at the bottom of recently opened beauty salon But I wonder what it's like she doesn't like to go to other people it's so hard to get a good beautician and she's sensitive about these things anyway But he's desperate and he feels like he could use a little pampering anyway
I'm sure he'll want a refreshing facial and a relaxing massage But first you decide to play with yourself you've been waiting all day for this moment and I could really use a good orgasm right now He takes a clean towel out of the closet and he goes into the shower pulls the cabin door down sets the temperature and passes himself off to the pleasures of the shower soaps his body carefully takes a little more time than his breasts and pussy and all he's thinking about is the sensation of an orgasm You wrap your towel around a circle and head straight for the bedroom He takes his favorite vibrator out of the top drawer of the nightstand and just in case he disinfects it again Passing through the hallway you accidentally catch your eye on the wall clock it's almost 5: 00? Oh my god look at the time What if they can't see you here? All of a sudden he doesn't know what to do he wants to have a great time but he can't even make it through the weekend He decides He goes down to the beauty parlor first calms himself that maybe it'll make his orgasm more intense and stronger if he just stays out another hour or two He'll just grab some loose stuff and be on his way
A nice girl comes into the drawing room and asks how she can help
- I'm looking for the beautician can you see me today?
- Wait I'll ask himhe's got them
The girl at the front desk goes in the back and knocks on the door of cosmetics
A very charming girl leans out the door talks a few words and smiles at Noémi and says in a low voice
- Hey sit down in ten minutes and I'll be done then you can come
Noemi thanks you and takes a seat in one of the chairs She's going through some tabloids she's thinking about her day and it's past her bedtime and a nice voice in cosmetics says " you can go now"
You walk through the door and you're perfectly happy with what you see It is a shop equipped with fine new furniture and handling equipment She's awfully nice too and every move she makes has a flair for femininity They introduce themselves her name is Marian she thinks she's 25 or 26()


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