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- Mom can you make me a sandwich? Please
 I got out of bed and went to the kitchen
- How much do you want? How do you like it?
- Two "Buttercream and cheese" he answered behind my back
- Paprika? Pickles?
- You don't have to
I smeared two pieces of bread with butter and grated cheese on top
"Here here" I handed out the plate with the sandwiches
- Thank you - thank you May I ask a question?
- Yeah sure
- Why are your panties like that? - he asked timidly
- What? What do you mean?  I looked down at my panties and there were traces of my turn-on
- It looks like you peed your pants
- I didn't pee It's my pussy juice "The truth is Andris I masturbated in bed while you were watching TV" I said firmly
- Really? - yeah
- Yeah - yeah Girls masturbate not just boys you know that "Even the mothers" I laughed at him
- Oh I see Well that's a good thing – she was looking at my panties
- Eat your sandwiches Don't look at my panties
- Okay - okay Excuse me-he bit the sandwich
- I'm gonna take a shower while you're eating
- And then you jerk me off?
- Sure but if you want I can tell you right now
- He's stopped eating
I pulled his pants down His dick was stiff Lila's ACORN was preeminent
- Wow you're hot To what do you owe this? - I asked him with a smile
- Honestly?
- Yeah feel free to tell me – I started pulling the skin on his dick I pissed him off and then I pulled him down to the bottom of the Acorn I moved my hand up and down
- You said you masturbate too And your wet panties are so hot
- So you're turned on by me? I thought so But you know it's not normal
- I know I can't help it
- Of course not I mean you're gonna be a man and now your dick is in control which is what I do and I laughed at it
I was beating my son's penis faster and faster It was hard as concrete His acorns are all red from the tug I knew I was about to enjoy it because it was plenty slippery I enjoyed giving him the pleasure Of course I tried to be a mother to her but in my heart I liked that I was giving my son a hand job Andris was sighing more and more
- Mom's coming out
I slowed down the pace and the strength of the catch I made it with gentle soft moves And then I stopped
- Why did you stop?
- I don't want to spray all over your pajamas I'll get some tissues
- Can you put it in your pants? - he asked boldly
- What? What were you thinking? - I asked surprised
- Well it's not clean anymore and you're gonna get a new one after you take a bath
 Yeah but I don't want your sperm in it
- I don't know You wash it just like the others
- You know what? All right then That's part of the reason you're excited so go for it
I took my panties off My hairy pussy was free in front of my son If I've shown you my tits lately you should see my pussy Of course he couldn't see it because of the hair but it was kind of exciting for me to get naked Andris almost lost his eye staring at my pussy His tail was stiffened in the same way
- You want to see my panties?  I distracted him from looking at my pussy
- Yeah
"Here" I gave him
"A soft touch" he felt with his finger - It's wet
- Pussy juice I caressed her through her panties And now I'm gonna put this on your tail and pull it out of his hand
I grabbed her dick with my panties and I was going through it My son flinched It didn't take more than a minute for him to come His dick was pulsing out white semen I think it's through her panties Andris was moaning so hard I could feel his dick shrinking I took my panties off I checked You could still see the white goo
- Did it feel good?
- Huh "It was not bad but it is better when it can squirt freely than it is" he replied panting
- Oh I see You wanted it Then we can put that in the tub and wash it right off
 Yeah I just thought it would feel cooler to cum in your wet panties
- It was better than a tissue wasn't it?
- You bet There's no pussy in there son
"That's true" I laughed - I'm really going to take a shower Eat your sandwich
I put his pants back on and I went to take a shower
I woke up this morning with Kristi's phone call
- Good Morning - Good Morning Are you up?
"Yes" I replied sleepy
- I want to thank you for last night "I saw my son masturbating" he said cheerfully
- You're welcome "By the way" I said
- What? Is the camera still on?
- It went live the whole time
- I thought you were gonna turn it off But then you saw me suck my son's Dick
- Yeah I was surprised you could do it
- Well come on I used to like sucking when I was young I couldn't miss this one And I got so turned on by sucking Tom's dick in a dirty way Don't you want to suck Andris's Dick?


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