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After loving the fact that her father and Kati shaved off her pubic hair André began his day the next day by shaving the hair around his tail in the little bathroom in the trailer After that he went to his usual hiding place on a hill with bushes separating the campsite from the beachHe wanted to jerk off again but he couldn't finish it because all of a sudden while masturbating he saw Kati who was on his way to the beach at the end of the dune She looked at him but he did not know how much he had seen of his activities for he went on without saying a word as if he had not been there Just to be safe he stopped onanizing and went down to their place on the beach Kati was alone
- Dad? - the boy asked
- He went into town to get the car fixed He'll be back this afternoon "But in the meantime you and I will have a good time" said André
After taking a bath and throwing a ball in the water they were lying next to each other in the sun Kati suddenly-without opening her eyes-said without any transitions:
 I saw what you were doing up there on the dune André Would you like to try it with me now?
- Yeah What? - he asked astonished
- Well same as before but not alone
He stood up took the mat under his arm and held out his hand to the surprised boy and before he could regain consciousness he set off towards the dunes
In the same spot where André was just lying he dropped the mat and showed me a place next to him He reached out his hand and smoothed the boy's chest and abdomen Then he just sat there and held her and kissed her on the lips
 Lie on your back and leave everything else to me - he said looking at André's emergent cock
The boy obeyed immediately of course He lay down on the mat and lay on his back leaning on his two elbows watching her squat over his hip-handed tail reach down grab the rigid pole and insert the pinkish glistening Acorn between his labia Then slowly with his legs spread out he sat in with a firm gesture
- Oh good - he said and licked the edge of his mouth as he turned his lower body around the rod inside him with his hands on his hips - Have you never had a girl tell you you have a great penis?
'I told you Kati I've never been with a girl like that' replied the boy
As a self-conscious teenager he was extremely proud that his penis had completely filled her vagina although at the time he did not know or thought that the female vagina would only expand at birth
- Move a little "said Kati and André began to lift her lower body
First Kati sat with her back to him in his coming tail and he held her from behind with both hands She moved faster and faster and then she came out of her tail and turned against him With both hands he leaned on his muscular chest pulled himself over the pole and began to move again Her slightly loose round breasts with stiff-standing brownish red buds swung out from left to right and the boy felt that he would not last long
Kati noticed that she could not expect to get laid too long so she began to rub with one hand the two large beige nipples and the nipples in their middle and with the other with her thumb and index finger the meat - colored clitoris above the labia
- Help me too "he moaned" or else only you will be ready"
André was afraid that he would be out in a few minutes so he grabbed the lower part of his tail with one hand and first put his thumb up next to him and then drooling his other hand began to caress the wet labia
- Ooh -she moaned up and down and round her lower body - If not if you don't stop I'm almost done


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