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Hello I am Hessum the slave Adrinnie Canidus is the personal slave of the daughter of the famous merchant Crassus Candius My life is infinitely better than other slaves All I have is my mistress Though I have met many famous men Julius Caesar Antony Lepidus they are but men to me while my mistress is the essence of my existence I'm going to tell you my life
My lineage Oh reader I don't even remember it was so long ago when I was free but the memories though faded did not disappear without a trace I was born in Spain in Oktulun which is a small Greek town on the East Coast The first time in my life it was really nice even though I had the wind of punishment hanging over my head Our Roman Masters did not oppress us at least no more than other Greeks In fact they loved living among us wearing our comfortable clothes listening to our conversations drinking our wine and sleeping with our mixed women My father and my mother grew up in rich houses though my father's Greek mother was Hispanic they loved each other in such an unusual way and so they loved me
I've owned this town since I was a kid I liked to wander listen to the sounds of the night listen to the sound of the sea Rumble the silly jokes of sailors As I grew stronger I hunted with my father when I was a teenager and a few years later I killed a man in battle I still have the memory of the first blood but I had no choice but to protect myself I became a man in the whore pits but I have not yet fulfilled the destiny that sex could provide We lived an idyllic life though oppressed It meant little to me for I did not feel the Roman enslaved but our fathers and some young men lived through taxes and the superiority of the Romans
However the winds of change quickly reached us Vercingetorix was the Corruptor of our little idyll The Gaul chief the Gaul King Who thought he could defy Rome Vercingetorix was regarded by his followers as a powerful man capable of catching the Romans Word spread quickly and since Octulun lay near the Gaul coast the local Roman forces were also withdrawn Our fathers waited for this the rest of the soldiers were driven out of the city and we were free again Freedom did not mean much to me after the combative days we were characterized by intoxication and reconciliation But this idyll was an illusion I had just passed the initiation which was the fulfillment of my Manhood and on the night of Dionysus the Red Sails appeared in the city Rome has returned seeking revenge News of Vercingetorix's demise has not come to us quickly enough so we have not been able to prepare our defense Though the power that Rome used to strike us would not have left a living soul in this city if we had defended ourselves Most of the people were killed or carried away in bed they didn't spare our most sacred day when we surrendered to the body The city was burned to the ground just like the ships in the harbor Octulun no longer existed Together with 300 of my companions (all young and young) we were put on the first slave ship and we began our long journey
I can't describe my feelings I lost my parents my house my "empire" I hated the Romans and everything connected to them I wanted to rebelI wanted to die fighting heroically The long sea roads I had to pass by the oars took the youth of my youth out of me and I sank into the dull life of slavery I pulled the OAR day after day not thinking about anything The rebel in me has gone out given its place to the instinct that wants to eat drink and live
One day the guards came with a peddler The peddler looked at everyone and he chose some young men who were chained up It was perhaps a year ago that I saw the light of day and I wavered with squinting dizzy with sunlight and strange movements From the port a corduroy carried us forward and in the distance I saw Rome I quickly began to feel two feelings hatred against the Romans and the amazement I felt for Rome Soon we arrived in the colorful swirl where an orgy of colors and odors was taking place Hatred quickly went out and curiosity took its place A lot of people were loitering in colorful clothes talking in different languages That's when I understood why Rome was the center of the world that people not only live here but they come together from all over the world I've seen black people and I've seen blondes there were Persian and evil-faced Germans and women with smoky faces Women in silk linen even naked That's when I realized how much I miss the woman in my life the devotion to full satisfaction
The cart took us to the slave market where after a foreign-language negotiation I was sent to a merchant The merchant was selling a lot of muscular young and pretty girls The only people in his tent were the rich and the poor here didn't get any merchandise We were set up outside in a rather closed tent partially crammed and we had to sit on the floor covered with sheep skin Lucky for me I had a view from the tent to the market()


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