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We were on a fourth grade field trip and we stayed at the chandelier for the night At night of course it's good for high school smoking and alcohol in all quantities I was alone in Class Boy and I think I was quite enviable these four years of my life Perhaps I had had a little too much to drink that night and since I had recently failed in a relationship I was in a very contemplative depressing mood There was a girl in my class who I loved and respected as a friend and we talked about almost everything She was a very beautiful woman: slightly wavy blonde hair green eyes (since she was a folk dancer since she was little) perfect figure tight Palm-fitting tits She almost always smiled and her eyes always moved mischievous in line with her mimics So she had a girlish charm that perfectly compensated for female seriousness and behavior Back to me I went up to his room to talk to him last night I liked to talk about the pent-up issues and I knew that this girl (hereinafter referred to as Krisztina) would also listen support and help me with her advice and comments We were alone in the room
I poured out all that was weighing on my soul with alcohol While we were talking he went to take a bath because he said he was sleepy but I should wait and continue the conversation: he took off his jeans top socks I Said " Should I Turn Away?"He shrugged his shoulders and said he was not shy and often dressed with the boys in dance rehearsals so it's all the same to him I thought of turning my back for the sake of propriety but pretending to be even more intoxicated than I was in my present state I lit a cigarette and put on a puny face When she took off her top her white semi-transparent bra flashed out I had a feeling I'd be overwhelmed by a desire My jeans are tight Chris didn't bother you It's like I'm not even there she's stripping He pulled down his pants his white thonghis butt was dazzling Finally he took off his socks I started making jokes about what order this is: you take off your socks first He smiled and said " Are you paying attention?"I'm a little embarrassed" me? Ah I'm sorry"
He said " it's okay"He put on a bathrobe took his pyjamas and left I'm on my own I've been thinking about Chris the whole time What a girl And he's here with me Just him and me The people she's with in this room they're both hanging out with some other school kids I need to find a way to get closer to him Ten minutes later Christi showed up at the shower door His pyjamas were rather thin but he was clearly not wearing any panties or bra He approached the cupboard and drank a drop of the fruit juice on it and a glass of tonic for the companion When he lifted the bottle of Tonic up to his mouth his body stretched a little back and The Shape of his pubic thigh was perfectly visible and his pubic hair formed a little uneven ground on the thin cotton-wheat Somehow I couldn't concentrate on what you asked me about my problem And he said " Are you okay?"Sure I'm just a little slow"I noted Then he went to bed and we talked about love disappointment sex friendship and so on for about half an hour
When the serious content of things began to dwindle Kriszti said " I'm tired Let's get some sleep tomorrow"I gave him the truth while I kept thinking about how to get close to him As a farewell how can I kiss you good night? He answered yes I leaned over him and then with all my courage I pressed my mouth on him I received a different reception than I expected He did not resist and we began to kiss violently He put his arm around me started caressing my back As I leaned my hands were tied I lay down on the bed Then my right hand freed up went under the covers I stroked her through pajamas massaged her breasts Her nipples nearly pierced the pajama top She threw the blanket off That's when I knelt next to him on the bed He raised his back a little so I managed to pull up the upper and the already excited breasts appeared
It was beautiful to see the little nipples prancing up into the sky I threw myself on her tits I licked and sucked on the shapely mounds Christ sighed and when I looked at his face for a moment he reflected an angel's smile I took off my shirt While my tongue and lips were straddling her cleavage she caressed my back with her fingers We enjoyed each other very much that's debatable Suddenly she said " I want you I don't just want petting"I said with a bright face that I didn't either and that I would do anything to sleep with you He unbuttoned my belt unbuttoned my trousers unzipped my fly and pulled the jeans off me in a single motion He took me out of my boxers in a flash and his hand found itself on my long wet cock He started beating her and then he leaned on her


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