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She was tired You could see it in his posture in his eyes in his voice When you saw him leaning against the corner of the house you knew right away that you had made the right decision to invite him to your place to let off some steam get some rest after a week's work It is true that you love what you do and you still do it with pleasure but you wear it out At the same time you feel regret for not calling him the night before It might not have happened but it would have been comforting for him to sleep next to a living breathing warm body And when you think about it maybe it wouldn't have hurt you either Or not Depending on the situation although based on your rather pleasant experience it might have been nice
But to return to the present as he enters the apartment he falls down by the kitchen table almost immediately and thanks him with a grateful look for the water he put in front of him You get the hang of talking pretty fast for some reason There's always a theme but even if you don't you'll come up with something or at least she'll come up with something: fun with the living diary or she'll start writing about herself in the third person or she'll start calling you names It's kind of fun You can even take the role of the detective
In fact it's indeterminate what you two have Of course you can tell what it is but you usually think of negative things about the word: you're lovers Maybe a little more since you're kind of friends You might as well take a chance that that fact is in the cards But the best word is you're lovers For the girl you are also a refuge from everyday life He loves being with you and you know it but you're praying very hard to keep him from believing any more because he's the only one who gets hurt but you can't get inside his head and unfortunately you haven't had that ability Somewhere deep down you're afraid that your suspicions are true but you can't stand in front of him or in this case you can't look him in the eye from the other side of the table and tell him that you know I don't love you right? You're not that cruel and then you remember the words he said several times in some conversation that I know there won't be any more That should calm you down What you need right now is to fill up laugh and feel like you're a little important to someone She's had a rough couple of weeks went off in a relationship with a pregnant suspect which turned out to be a completely different if not bad but not pleasant thing cyst
Sometimes you feel tired pregnant You don't know the exact reason but you do It happens to all of us that we don't always have someone to talk to Everyone can be exhausting But he has an excuse for making me laugh listening with interest to your lectures on music drumming and even to talk about food and food What will you do without him abroad? Although it's also true that there are dozens of people like you running around the world femalek
So you talk he gets the hang of it and then he gets the hang of it and he moves on to the couch but he's lying there You to make room for him settle down next to the drum However you will soon have to change your seat because he asks you to settle on the couch He puts his head in your lap and puts your right hand over his waist He takes the clip out of his hair to make it more comfortable He puts one hand on your hand your fingers are playing together and the other hand is placed under your thigh It's almost like a baby Almost
I'm comfortable You caress his arm sometimes his neck he caresses your thigh sometimes he turns his head kisses your hand and he caresses his face to your stomach They were talking All kinds of things You show him drumsticks and someone in there is very happy with the interest in listening to the notes and listening to the explanations and he even adds a comment explains how he sees it or how he sees it his instrument requires a different score what he needs to watch when he plays the flute In fact it's a lot easier for him than it is for you He doesn't have to deal with limb severance or four different rhythms "blowing" at the same time
You're starting to sound less and he's squirming more and more He's on top and he's hugging me You return the favor because why not? It feels good to hold someone And then he starts kissing your neck and your hands are more sensual He's kissing your chin when a quiet one's free?"accompanied by a soft kiss For a moment his lips will separate from yours and then he will return and the kiss will become more intense To feel that he doesn't just want your lips you want his The kiss just stops but the contact doesn't stop His mouth discovers your face your neck while inhaling the scent of your skin which he says he loves very much


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