Perverted Fuck Fest

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She curled down at the end of the lectus He carefully placed his little bundle beside him with his little tools and opened it The little knives and scrapers rolled together and then they rested peacefully on the canvas next to them the piece of skin which will perform the final sanding the smooth skin and The Shining magic of the nails Then he waited patiently to get to work But he was still alone in the bedroom so he just sat on his lap quietly kneeling Then the curtain went up and Lady Tullia entered He wrapped his slender body in a single sheet when he stepped out of the balneum She lay down her head and waited for her master to lie down and grace her with one leg
The lady seems to have woken up in a good mood today saying hello
- Good Morning Marcia
Then he lay down lying slightly obliquely on the couch and handed his right foot to Marcia who took the narrow foot in her lap and began to work In the meantime he continued to think what he had started while he was waiting for the first time They even took his name from him Six months ago he wasn't called that but six months ago he was a free man living at home in a small beach village in Spain But one day at dawn eight ships landed on the beach alongside the fishermen's boats Men with guns came down pirates Their prey was the village whose inhabitants had just woken up The few men who had already been awake and tried to resist to fight were cut off in minutes; his father too The others were tied up and taken to the ships They've gathered everyone from the houses including their mother sister and four-year-old brother Two of his brothers were out in the open and they were already driven to one of the ships The older one he saw her go on the boat But they're on another ship The ships swam East for days until they came ashore again landed on a small island in a deserted Bay The ships landed one by one and they were taken off It was only then that he saw how thin they were The women survived almost all the way but some of the men and children died on the road: the Pirates didn't care much about them
Soon more ships arrived from which only a few men had landed They haggled with the Pirates argued with them and then the money-bags changed hands and they got back on the boat but now some sort of system He was involved with 13 to 15-year-old girls and boys his age After another day of sailing they cast anchor again in a vast port It was dark so they took them to a giant room It was just the girls They got to eat drink and then go to bed But in the morning they'd wake them up they'd eat again and then they'd take all the girls ' clothes off and take them naked to another room Everyone here is tied by their feet to a pole They could stand they could sit but if someone came they had to stand up so that the gentleman or the lady could see them thoroughly Sometimes a girl got cut off from the pole and got her dress back and then they took her away He left early in the afternoon: a tall slender gentleman was looking at the exhibited slaves with his daughter He was probably the fifth or sixth person they looked at and then they made a deal and they cut him loose too That's how Mr Tullius owned it and how it really belonged to Tullius He was already a slave to his 14th birthday His mistress is not two and a half years older than him: she was given to him by his father on his sixteenth birthday
Actually he doesn't have a bad thing going on He was sent to a school for four months where he studied Latin and because he had delicate hands thin fingers they taught him how to nurse hands and feet cut nails He had nothing else to do: an old libertine took him to the Schola this morning and returned him in the evening They didn't hurt him he got plenty to eat and he still doesn't have much to do In the morning you will fix lady Tullia's hands and feet and then you will have nothing to do again until the next morning Yeah it's really boring so he goes into the kitchen and helps the Cook But only when he feels like it no one told him to do it Actually he's got less to do right now than he was at home as a free man
He's done with the right foot now he's done with the left He was gently touching the soles of the feet You have to be careful the groping can't be too subtle because it tickles it's not too strong because it can hurt And mistress Tullia as cheerful as she is gets angry easily A few days ago he had his dresser tied to a pillar of the atrium bare and the flagman had to whip his back and butt until she wet herself in pain Then he stayed tied to the pole which was supposed to last all night And all he did was stab the lady in the shoulder with the needle of the fibula It wasn't really a poke it was a poke because there was no blood It is also true that as soon as Lady Tullia gets angry she will be at peace He had the dressing-maid removed three hours later and the next day he gave her a new dress()


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