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I don't want you to go back to Japan Miko I don't know how I can do without you
Miko puts down her textbook and sits on top of the bed
I don't want to go Hannah Yeah I think so I did I love you
MIKO and HANNAH are kissing First hesitating then growing passion
- No no no no No no no no no no
The two girls dressed in school uniforms burst out of the uncomfortable kiss
- What's in the script?  Todd was waving a stack of paper in his hand When he didn't get an answer he read Miko and Hannah kiss with increasing passion Passion That's the point I want to see passion not just some fucked-up lip kiss - He turned away from the two girls and sat on a couch in the corner - This is where the movie turns Emotional trauma separation friendship trust whatever They're tearing you apart and you're out of shots And then you guys you spend a night of passion together Sex okay? Well that's what we're saying There's this kiss this passionate kiss and then the lights go out and the next scene is at the airport I mean we're not doing porn with moans and whatnot you know The guys want sex on the screens and we give it to them hoping the censors will look the other way So you have to be sexy You can do it can't you? I don't have to say it again do I?
Ellie and Kai glanced shyly at each other
- Yeah sure "I can do it" said Kai - But it's gonna be a little hard
'It's been a long day' interposed Ellie  I don't know about Kai but I'm exhausted
Todd was sneering
- Maybe you're right All right listen up We'll call it a day I'm gonna give you guys some time to talk about how to draw out this passion so we can get back to it in the morning and finish this scene
With that Todd stood up and turned to the crew
- Okay everybody We're done for the day Becky We need to discuss tomorrow's schedule with you
They left the studio leaving Ellie and Kai alone in the set of the teenage room in their school uniforms The lights went out and Ellie turned on the nightstand reading light
- I can't believe it I had a room like this when I was 15
"So do I" said Kai - Like every little girl in America
They looked around the set looking at every detail of the posters of famous singers and models
'Perhaps a little too Pink' said Kai - I hope I had better taste I wore my hair braid and you I bet had pretty little blonde ponytails
"I was very girly" said Ellie - She's kind of a girl And whatever you say pigtails are cute
With it he leaned on Kai with his hair in pigtails and grinned
- I mean I mean it's not girly so you know
Kai laughed
- Yeah I think so Although I had a crush on a girl once Right nothing happened At least that sort of thing But some things happened
- So you've done this “passion” a real girl? - Ellie looked at him
Kai looked down
- Yeah well I know how it feels
Ellie got comfortable pulled her long legs under her and guided her skirt
- Did you like it? I mean sex
Kai laughed embarrassed
- Oh no We didn't sleep together We used to sleep together sometimes I thought something was gonna happen
- So what happened?
- Nothing The moment has passed Then we split up
Ellie pissed on her lips
- That's so sad
"Yes it is" said Kai  I should have been a little more pushy but you know it just happened That was when we were in Japan You know she was the average American girl who hung out with the Japanese-American Girl
- And then what?
-My parents decided to move back to Ohio I haven't seen him since
"But at least you know what it's like to have a girl" said Ellie to cover up her confusion - And this kiss How do we do that?
Kai was looking at the script
- You say “passion " don't you? Well what's a passionate kiss like?
Ellie thought about it for a second
- First of all with your mouth open right? Tongue kiss
Kai looked down
- Yeah I think so But not the first time At first it's just a friendly kiss but then it just stretches and stretches and then there's this passion
- Then the lights go out and that's it
Kai sighed
- Mom will change her mind when she sees this I haven't told him yet And they're in Japan anyway I'll cut this scene from the DVD you sent them
Ellie shrugged her shoulders
- That's life isn't it? It's not porn and we're both over 18 years old


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