Outdoor quicky in the mountains – He came twice – Public sex outside

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I'm 43 years old and I work in a hotel in Balaton as a masseuse My husband is a construction manager at a construction site in Canada and it's been months since we've been able to keep in touch only with MSN and on the phone Our son will be 18 years old and will start fourth in the fall high school He's a great football player and he's got a lot of offers from prestigious clubs but he wants to follow in his father's footsteps as an architect so he's chasing the ball in lower clubs
What I want to tell you about started in the summer heat
On a Tuesday I wanted to put my little kitchen garden in an acceptable state while my son was at practice because we agreed to go shopping together I was just getting started when I heard the car door slam in front of our house I didn't expect a guest so I went out Bored and then I rushed out because my son's assistant coach was backing my son in whose left thigh was covered in bandages and pulled his leg out I asked without saying goodbye
- What's going on?
- Kiss my hand Ildiko Don't be alarmed a little sprain - your coach answered for my son
- Hi - hi I apologize for my impropriety I was scared - I tried to explain but I was already stroking my son's face a foot taller
- I understand "he smiled back and then patted my son on the shoulder and began to say good-bye"  I'm trusting you to your mom and we want you to be at the game next weekend Hand kiss Ildiko Hi Istvan - and he's on his way out
We both said goodbye and I helped my son swing
- Does it hurt? - I did - What's going on? I'll check come sit here - I fell for my son right away
- Oh Mom Nothing happened When I turned my leg was clogged and my leg was twitching It's nothingdon't worry about it I got some ointment for it
I stroked her face and went to get my massage bed
- Come on I'll work on itit'll help
- Come on mom
- But come on - I ordered him to - don't resist
Since my son knew I was stubborn and I've helped him recover faster from his injuries he didn't ask he took off his shorts and shirt and he was already lying on the bed with a stomach in his boxer shorts Even though I turned on the air conditioning in the heated room we were both sweating I'm here for the massage he's here for the pain For a good 15 minutes I worked out his back thighs and then I signaled him to turn his back I felt the problem at the base of his thigh where the muscle burst I went up slowly then I pushed his boxers away and I took the injured part of the treatment Hissing was pretty intense but I felt it starting to loosen up Suddenly he got up and wanted to get off with a thank you I put my peppermint massage oil palm on his chest and pushed it back and I noticed I felt his nipples very swollen
- At least stay still until then I'll wipe you off and rub the ointment on you don't put a Band-Aid on it - I ordered him to
When I looked at her thighs again I realized the rush that surprised me a little My son had a boner So in our mutual confusion seeing as you saw I was in a hurry to wipe off the oil and rub the ointment and I turned away
- Cheers I'd like to massage it tonight
- Thank you Tomorrow's fine - I didn't answer thatI went to the garden
I kept thinking "Why did you get a hard-on? why did my son get excited?" because it was obvious I figured it was probably because I had to massage the base of his thigh I kept thinking about it but he wouldn't leave me alone and I was thinking about talking to my husband about talking to his son about it but you sure this would be good for me to publish it? Could I lose my son's trust? I was thinking about it when the neighbor said hello She was a widow my mother's age and everyone avoided her because of kit's rhetoric I was listening to the neighborhood gossip ten minutes ago when I was able to say good-bye So the garden wasn't finished and I was carrying groceries all by myself
Last night before dinner I told my son to come let me at least rub the ointment in his thigh I had to wait a good 10 minutes for him and he had this weird look in his eyes I didn't care but I noticed that when I was massaging her she started getting a hard-on but not as big as during the day He didn't even eat dinner with mehe ate in his room The next day I had a free class and I ran home to my son so he could go to the game at his coach's request The young master was still lying down and he came to my quarrel in a fit of bother I watched his reaction with an ugly unsightly interest and his tool had been standing rigidly for most of the time He didn't care so much but I did because he's a grown man and it's impolite to treat someone else in this situation Masseuse is not to be confused with erotic massage So I went back to work thinking about it and I couldn't discuss it with anyone that I'd never seen before with another male guest but I did with my son()


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